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Iran To Israel And Back To Iran: Rita's Music Goes Home

A longtime darling of the Israeli pop world, the singer accomplished something rare: Her newest album, My Joys, has crossed borders to her homeland of Iran, where it has been embraced despite the fact that it is also banned.

Field Report On World Cafe

The band recently released its self-titled debut album — the result of years of work by frontman and founder Chris Porterfield following the breakup of his old band with Justin Vernon, DeYarmond Edison.

A Veteran's Standing Ovation, 70 Years In The Making

This week, Harold Van Heuvelen traveled in the wake of Superstorm Sandy to hear the symphony he'd composed as a WWII officer performed for the first time.

Squeezebox Brutality: Murder Ballads From Finland

Accordion renegade Kimmo Pohjonen collects a series of gruesome tales on Murhaballadeja.

Neil Halstead On World Cafe

The venerable singer just released a solo album, Palindrome Hunches, while Mojave 3 is on hiatus.

The Secret Genius Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new album sold more than a million copies in its first week — a rare feat these days. She did it by answering a surprisingly complex question: What's the best way to sell an album?