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Field Report On World Cafe

The band recently released its self-titled debut album — the result of years of work by frontman and founder Chris Porterfield following the breakup of his old band with Justin Vernon, DeYarmond Edison.

A Veteran's Standing Ovation, 70 Years In The Making

This week, Harold Van Heuvelen traveled in the wake of Superstorm Sandy to hear the symphony he'd composed as a WWII officer performed for the first time.

Squeezebox Brutality: Murder Ballads From Finland

Accordion renegade Kimmo Pohjonen collects a series of gruesome tales on Murhaballadeja.

Neil Halstead On World Cafe

The venerable singer just released a solo album, Palindrome Hunches, while Mojave 3 is on hiatus.

The Secret Genius Of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's new album sold more than a million copies in its first week — a rare feat these days. She did it by answering a surprisingly complex question: What's the best way to sell an album?

Ian Hunter On World Cafe

After the glam-rock band Mott the Hoople dissolved in 1974, Hunter became an outspoken solo artist.