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The Very Best: A Band's Summer Escape With A Message

The Very Best began when a Swedish producer made a trip to a London thrift shop and a met a Malawian singer. The group's new album makes the case that even amid poverty, warfare and the privations of ghetto life, happiness is possible.

Translation Software For Music Makers

It's always been a challenge to make eastern music using western composition software. Until now. The musician Jace Clayton has invented a program called Sufi Plug Ins to adapt commonly-used software for international users.

Glen Hansard On World Cafe

The Oscar-winning singer-songwriter performs songs from his new solo album, Rhythm and Repose.

For Artist Lira, South Africa Is All Soul

Afro-soul musician Lira is among the biggest stars in South Africa, having released four multi-platinum albums there. She talks to host Michel Martin about growing up during apartheid, her inspirations, and how she aims to help preserve African culture through her new CD, Rise Again.

Cool! Tickets For The Who's Canceled '79 Show Good For 2013 Concert

After a stampede at a 1979 show in Ohio, the mayor of Providence said the band couldn't play in his city. But The Who will be there next February, and 10 fans who still had their old tickets won't be disappointed again.

Snoop Dogg Gets A New Name

Now The rapper born Calvin Broadus is now Snoop Lion. He told reporters this week, he was rechristened Snoop Lion by a Rastafarian priest in Jamaica, where he recorded a new reggae-inspired album that'll be released soon.

Fat Boys: A Hip-Hop Novelty Act Strikes Back

The New York group was best known for a series of crossover pop hits recorded with everyone from The Beach Boys to Chubby Checker. Fat Boys had faded from the spotlight by the 1990s, but a new reissue makes a case for the group as more than just a gimmick.