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Analog Players Society: A Party Cooked Up In A Studio

The Analog Players Society provides some of the best evidence since the rise of Vampire Weekend that formerly exotic international music — particularly African rhythms and accents — has become an everyday part of modern popular tunes.

Crowd Funding For Musicians Isn't The Future; It's The Present

Musicians have to spend money and a lot of time to hit their crowd-funding goals, so failure is expensive. But for some people, at specific moments in their careers, crowd funding can be a piece of the puzzle.

Cecilia Bartoli's Latest 'Mission' Rediscovers Agostino Steffani

The award-winning soprano uncovers the music of an Italian composer on her new album, Mission.

An American Punk-Rock Band On Tour In The Land Of The Arab Spring

Last year, the the Atlanta-based rock band Black Lips released an album called Arabia Mountain. Now, the band is in the middle of a tour of Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates.

Aimee Mann: The 'Charmer' And The Disciplined Id

Ken Tucker says that Charmer is a song cycle about getting rid of a cynical frame of mind; about distancing yourself from people who are dragging you down.

Grizzly Bear On Candor, Democracy And Too Much Music

The Brooklyn band talks about its division of labor and how to break through the indie ceiling.