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Frédéric Yonnet: Don't Underestimate The Harmonica

French-born musician Frédéric Yonnet is bringing the harmonica to urban jazz, R&B, hip-hop and beyond. He's known for an energetic style, and has worked with the likes of Prince, Stevie Wonder and John Legend. His working album, Reed My Lips: The Rough Cut, invites fans into his creative process. He joins host Michel Martin for a performance chat.

Birdy On World Cafe

The 15-year-old singer got her start on YouTube and Open Mic UK. Hear her perform in the studio.

Marcel Khalife: The Bob Dylan Of The Arab World

The classical musician and composer is often compared to Bob Dylan — not for his music, but for his political songs about freedom and nationalism.

Simone Felice On World Cafe

After two near-death experiences, the Americana singer-songwriter released his first solo album. Hear him perform tracks from Simone Felice on today's show.

How To Break Up With Attitude, According To Norah Jones

The Grammy-winning singer's new album, Little Broken Hearts, is loosely based on her own love life. Hear David Greene's interview with Jones for NPR's Morning Edition.