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A Trove Of Chats With Music Icons, Now Online

In the mid-1980s, music-industry executive Joe Smith took it upon himself to interview some of the dozens of musicians with whom he had formed relationships. Now, his conversations with Bo Diddley, David Bowie, Little Richard and many others are available online through the Library of Congress.
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Debating Government Arts Funding

As the showdown over averting the "fiscal cliff" heats up, funding for the arts isnt making headlines. But arts organizations fear big cuts, while conservatives hope to make their case for the separation of art and state. We explore the future of public arts funding.


Freelance Whales On World Cafe

The band makes huge tiny music, employing delicate instruments that add up to something majestic.

Tracey Thorn: 'Secular Carols' For The Holidays

Thorn has recorded a holiday album, Tinsel and Lights, that critic Ken Tucker says might just work for warmer weather, as well. Tucker praises Thorn's voice as "bolstered by a firm intelligence," and says she avoids the fatty treacle that often weighs down Christmas albums.

Guitarist Mickey Baker Dies; Had Hits In The '50s, Played On Hundreds Of Records

He was one half of the hit-making duo Mickey and Sylvia in the late '50s and can be heard on hundreds of records. Baker also wrote one of the most influential jazz instruction books.

The Peony Pavilion: A Vivid Dream In A Garden

Peony Pavilion is one of China's most famous operas, but uncut performances of this romantic 16th century work can take more than 22 hours. An adapted version of the dream-like opera will take place at the Metropolitan Museum.