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What Do You Get When You Condense A Classical Concerto? Instaconcerto

In this age of Twitter and Snapchat, we boil essays down to 140 characters, and videos can be no more than a handful of seconds. But what about a classical concerto? Can it be boiled down?

Snail Mail’s 17-Year-Old Frontwoman Quickly Delivers An EP

Snail Mail’s sound may draw from a decades-old tradition of low-fi rock, but don’t assume the band’s name expresses yearning for a simpler time — it has nothing to do with the United States Postal...
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The Landscape For D.C.'s Free Musical Rites Of Summer

Some of D.C.'s free summer concerts are struggling to hold onto the audiences they built long ago. We explore the landscape for free summer music in D.C., and what the concerts at places like Fort Dupont have contributed to the fabric of the city.


Music Review: 'In My Room,' Jacob Collier

Tom Moon reviews the debut album from Jacob Collier, In My Room.

Deathfix, Sun Machines

Songs featured July 13, 2016, as part of Capital Soundtrack from WAMU 88.5. Read more about the project and submit your own local song....

Jazz Pianist Dan Cray's 'Outside In' Features Slow Tempos, Meandering Melodies

Much of the music on Cray's new album stems from a year he spent teaching at the University of Nevada in Reno. Critic Kevin Whitehead says Outside In is a reminder of the power of open spaces.

Thaylobleu Live At WAMU

Terence Nicholson says that when people think “D.C. rock,” they probably think of punk from the ’80s and ’90s — Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Fugazi. His band Thaylobleu doesn’t have that deep...


Alt.Latino Brings New Music To Refresh Your Summer Playlist

Need a playlist boost for that summer road trip, or some hours lounging at the beach? Jasmine Garsd and Felix Contreras of NPR's Alt-Latino share some new tunes with NPR's Lynn Neary.

Music Review: 'Wildflower,' The Avalanches

Will Hermes reviews a second album by The Avalanches that was 16 years in the making called Wildflower.

Alabama Shakes' Brittany Howard On Small-Town Life, Big-Time Music

Howard was raised on her father's junkyard in the small town of Athens, Ala. "It was a really interesting way to grow up," she tells Fresh Air. Originally broadcast Jan. 28, 2016.