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The Evens: The Power Of Turning Down The Volume

Ian MacKaye and Amy Farina's music as The Evens is quiet and spare, but it preserves the intensity of their past bands, Fugazi and The Warmers. Here, the husband and wife discuss their latest album, The Odds.

Dozens Of Covers Later, 'Hallelujah' Endures

There are songs, and then there are anthems. Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" is a popular power anthem now, but almost never saw light of day. In his new book, music journalist Alan Light charts the unlikely rise of the song through countless weddings, funerals and in film and television.

Elizabeth LaPrelle: Carrying On The Appalachian Tradition

Though she's only 25, LaPrelle sounds older and likes it. "I'm excited to sound like a creepy old lady," the ballad singer says. And she always sings loud, the way they did in the old days.

A Trove Of Chats With Music Icons, Now Online

In the mid-1980s, music-industry executive Joe Smith took it upon himself to interview some of the dozens of musicians with whom he had formed relationships. Now, his conversations with Bo Diddley, David Bowie, Little Richard and many others are available online through the Library of Congress.
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Debating Government Arts Funding

As the showdown over averting the "fiscal cliff" heats up, funding for the arts isnt making headlines. But arts organizations fear big cuts, while conservatives hope to make their case for the separation of art and state. We explore the future of public arts funding.


Freelance Whales On World Cafe

The band makes huge tiny music, employing delicate instruments that add up to something majestic.