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Is Fleetwood Mac's Expanded 'Rumours' A Bit Much?

The reissued 1977 album includes several bonus tracks, but critic Tom Moon wonders if it's worth it.

Yo La Tengo: Decades In And Far From Fading

The indie-rock favorite's new album, Fade, demonstrates that the group is all grown up but not at all stuffy. The album's music and words add up to pure affirmation of life and living.

For Kidjo, Musicians Must Be The Country's Voice

The West African nation of Mali has a rich musical heritage, and Islamic extremists there have been trying to destroy it. Singer Angelique Kidjo says the conflict in Mali reminds her of a crackdown by a Communist regime in her native Benin — which led her into exile. But Kidjo tells host Michel Martin the power of music will always triumph.

A Tenacious Wordsmith Hits It Big In Nashville

In the 1990s, Jim McCormick was teaching at the University of New Orleans and looking ahead to a future in academia. Today, he's one of the hottest lyricists in country music, having hit the top of the Billboard Country Music charts twice in the past six months.

For Lisa Loeb, Life Is 'No Fairy Tale,' And That's OK

Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb burst onto the pop scene in the mid-'90s, and since then has released children's albums, books and even had stints on reality TV. Her new album, No Fairy Tale, is her first adult album since 2004.

Kris Kristofferson On Writing For — And Outliving — His Idols

The legendary songwriter discusses happening into a music career, hearing his songs performed by his friends and the new album Feeling Mortal.