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Mathias Eick's 'Midwest': A Musical Landscape

After a tour through the Upper Midwest, the trumpeter pays tribute to the Norwegian settlers' arrival on the American plains with his new album, Midwest.
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Remembering Rites Of Spring And A Lasting D.C. Musical Moment

Thirty years ago, Mark Andersen saw the band Rites of Spring perform for the first time. We find out why it's stayed with him ever since.

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D.C.'s Experimental, Thriving And Often Overlooked Jazz Scene

Jazz aficionados say their genre is enjoying a new golden age in the nation's capital.

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Arlington Middle Schooler Hits Big Time With 'La Voz Kids' Performance

This weekend a Northern Virginia middle schooler will chase her dreams of becoming the next Christina Aguilera, a quest that reflects shifting cultural patterns among Latinos in the United States.
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In A City Known For Go-Go, Hip-Hop Is Making A Name For Itself

A new generation of artists is pushing hip-hop from the fringes to the District's musical mainstream.

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D.C. Dance-Music Label 1432 R Puts A World Of Experience To The Beat

1432 R combines the broad tastes of its D.C. founders with a sound inspired by a country halfway around the globe.

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Why Musicians Are Embracing Cassette Tapes (It's Not Just Nostalgia)

For musicians and music labels, cassette tapes are the cheapest way to make a physical album. They're also one of the fastest.
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Straight-Laced Washington Embraces Underground Metal Scene

Thousands of people are heading to the largest metal festival of its kind this weekend.
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Leaving Their Mark: What's Behind The Scenes At Your Favorite D.C. Music Venues

We'll tour several local venues to check out the mementos music lovers may miss during live shows.

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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 21, 2015

You can shut your eyes and pretend you’re miles away with two concerts that present Eastern and Western European musical styles.