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Goodbye, Music Tuesday: Starting Today, Albums Come Out On Friday

Around the world, new albums will now be released on Fridays. While the change is meant to help keep music from leaking early online, it could create some new headaches for music sellers.

Chicago's 'Cloud Tax' Raises The Cost Of Streaming Videos

Chicago is taxing services such as Netflix and Spotify. Some residents wonder if a tax on other Internet services will follow, and others worry the levy will scare away businesses.

Music Review: 'Still,' Richard Thompson

British singer-songwriter and guitarist Richard Thompson's new album is called Still. Music reviewer Meredith Ochs says his collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Jeff Tweedy is a good match.
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Music Isn't Just Entertainment For Some Patients — It's Life-Changing Therapy

Before a stroke robbed him of the ability to sing and speak, Jim Bob Rodriguez was active in various men's choirs and barely ever missed a week singing at church. Three years later, he's regaining his ability to both sing and speak, thanks revolutionary music therapy.

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Spread Love: Making Busking In D.C. Into A Full-Time Job

A group of childhood friends have turned playing music on the street from a passion to a full-on professional that pays their bills.

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With Early Lines And Go-Go Swing, A New Ben's Chili Bowl Opens On H Street

One of D.C.'s most beloved eateries now has a second location to bring its half-smokes to the public.


Documentary Seeks To Free Amy Winehouse From Her Tabloid Legacy

In the dawning of the digital age, "She was the unlucky one to be having a nervous breakdown in public at the time," Amy director Asif Kapadia tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross.

Strange Stories Surrounding Street Pianos

Designed to provide pleasure, street pianos in 19th and 20th century America were also magnets for some mischief and malevolence.

Grateful Dead Plays Final Shows With Record-Breaking Audiences

Music critic Will Hermes went to one of the Grateful Dead's last shows that broke all kinds of records.