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Latin Music Celebrates Lives For Day Of The Dead

In Latin America, the Day of the Dead is a time to remember family and friends who have died. Felix Contreras and Jasmine Garsd of Alt Latino share their favorite music for this celebration of life.

'Global Village' Goes To Mexico: 4 Songs That Fuse Style And Tradition

KPFK's Betto Arcos joins NPR's Arun Rath to share a genre-bending mix of songs from Mexico. Dive into a frenetic blend of cumbia, funk, jazz, flamenco, norteño and more.

'It's A Bit Of A Gift': Yusuf Islam On His Break And Return To Music

The story is well-known: The former known Cat Stevens became Muslim, changed his name and gave up performing for years. The hiatus gave him a chance to "walk the talk," he tells NPR's Scott Simon.

After A Life Of Critiquing Other's Music, 'Sylvie' Makes Her Own Album

Sylvie Simmons has had a long and distinguished career as a music journalist, but she always had a secret desire to perform. She shares her first album, Sylvie, with NPR's Scott Simon.

'Anything That Connects': A Conversation With Taylor Swift

Just shy of 25, Swift's been in the music industry nearly half her life. In an extended interview with NPR's Melissa Block, she addresses what's changed in music, media, feminism and her own career.

'Merry Widow' Operetta: Stage Versus Screen

The Metropolitan Opera will be celebrating New Year's Eve with Franz Lehar's The Merry Widow in a new production starring soprano Fleming. But its greatest incarnations have been on film.

A Violin Concerto Back From Beyond The Grave

After composer Robert Schumann died, his Violin Concerto languished in a library — until a grandniece of the man he wrote it for got out her Ouija board.

Music Of Honduran Singer Aurelio Rooted In Uplifting, Preserving His Culture

Known only by his first name, Honduran singer Aurelio has been making music for a decade. Yet, Aurelio is not only known for his raspy voice and catchy cumbia melodies, but for his tireless work promoting the rights of his own people — the Garifuna. Now, the former parliament member is out with his latest album Landini.

SBTRKT: 'There's Always A Space You Can Go'

Hear the electronic-music producer discuss how his late brother and the "journey of the album" inspired the title track from Wonder Where We Land.

What Is It About Kendrick Lamar?

In two years since releasing his major label debut, good kid, m.A.A.d. city, Lamar has moved into hip-hop's spotlight full time. Microphone Check's Frannie Kelley and Ali Shaheed Muhammad explain why.