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'To Pimp A Butterfly' Aspires To Be Music's Great American Novel

Kendrick Lamar's long-awaited new album dropped late Sunday night, nine days early. On it, the rapper wades into our current moment of peril around race, inequality and brutality.

Saxophonist Tony Malaby's New Quartet Brings Out His Rowdy Side

Malaby has merged his two trios — with a cello and a tuba — into a quartet called Tubacello. Their new album is Scorpion Eater. Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says he hopes to hear from them again.

Remastering 78s: A Company Brings Clarity To Pianist Artur Schnabel's Works

Many historic recordings have been transferred to CD, but not always as accurately as desirable. But a small record company in France has been remastering these recordings in a revolutionary way.

Doritos Stage Pulled From SXSW But Issues Remain

As the Austin, Texas, music festival enters its 28th year, concerns continue over corporate branding and security.

Winning In Country Music, With No Help From Nashville

Traditional country musicians, the kind who never get airplay on mainstream country radio stations, are thriving in regional scenes supported by devoted live audiences.
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For Spanish Bagpiper, 'Celtic Connection' Crosses Borders And Millennia

For gaita player Carlos Núñez, there's an undeniable bond between Celtic sounds and the music of his native Galicia region in Spain.


In South Africa, Soulful Music Delivers Serious Messages

Johannesburg-based band The Muffinz tackles AIDS, politics and education while blending jazz, soul and R&B with their country's choral traditions.

Oboist Reclaims Mozart's Lost Contemporaries

For the new album Lost and Found, a Berlin Philharmonic oboist unearthed concertos by fine but forgotten composers from Mozart's time.

What Glen Hansard Learned From His Friend Jason Molina

Molina impressed Hansard in two ways: His songs were great, and he answered fan mail. Hansard discusses meeting the late songwriter and making a new tribute EP in his memory.

Albert 'Tootie' Heath, Drummer Extraordinaire, Turns The Tables

NPR's Arun Rath had been dying to interview the renowned jazz drummer for years. When he got the chance, it turned out Heath had some questions for him, as well.