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On Fania Records And The Music That Made It Matter

Fifty years ago, a New York musician and his lawyer friend started a small record label that would become a global brand, taking salsa music from New York clubs to the rest of the world.

Singer Morrisey Says He Has Had Cancer Treatment

"I have had four cancer-scrapings, but so what. If I die, I die," the English musician and former leader of The Smiths wrote in an email interview with a Spanish-language newspaper.

'Like Opening A Book In The Middle': Jackson Browne Returns To An Old Song

The singer and songwriter wrote "The Birds Of St. Marks" about the singer Nico in the '60s. In revisiting it, he remembers a particular New York scene — and a younger version of himself.

A Ferguson Protest Brings New Meaning To Brahms' Requiem In St. Louis

To protest the shooting death of Ferguson, Mo., teenager Mike Brown, audience members at a St. Louis Symphony concert unfurled banners and stood to sing an old union song.

The Maestro And The Liberator: Gustavo Dudamel's Cinematic Debut

A new film about the life of Latin American military leader Simón Bolivar features music by a first-time film score composer: Gustavo Dudamel.

Larkin Poe, A Sister Act With Staying-Power

Rebecca and Megan Lovell have sung together since they were children. Now they are all grown up, and form the mellifluous band, Larkin Poe. The sisters speak with NPR's Ari Shapiro about their music.

Béla Fleck And Abigail Washburn On Teaming Up, Finally

Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn, banjo superstars and a couple of 10 years, speak with NPR's Arun Rath about why they waited so long to make their first album together.

Minnie Driver Sings, Stripped Down And Haunting

Minnie Driver is probably best known for her acting roles, but the husky-voiced actor is also an accomplished singer. NPR's Scott Simon speaks with Driver about her third album, Ask Me to Dance.

Becoming The Barr Brothers, A Band Of Friends And Neighbors

Thin walls can ruin a great apartment. Not so for Brad Barr, who met harpist Sarah Page when he overheard her playing next door.

OutKast And Atlanta: Until They Close The Curtain

The hometown shows the duo played had a bittersweet quality because people thought it might be their last chance to see one of the most-respected and best-loved groups of all time together.