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Songwriters And Streaming Services Battle Over Decades-Old Decree

The Department of Justice is exploring big changes to the music publishing business for the first time since World War II.

The Evolution Of Earworms: Researchers Track History Of Pop Music

For the last half century, pop music has evolved from blues to disco to hip-hop. By digitally analyzing more than 17,000 songs, a team at Queen Mary University of London has released a study showing how pop music has changed throughout history.

Cuban Drummer Dafnis Prieto's Crisp Rhythms Are 'Good For Jazz'

Triangles and Circles, the new album from Dafnis Prieto, blends Afro-Cuban beats, blues feeling and spontaneous rhythmic variations. Critic Kevin Whitehead says that drums are at the album's heart.
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How The Smithsonian Is Building Its New, Sweeping Collection Of Black American Music

“I think it really smashes a lot of ideas about what the Smithsonian does and what it’s supposed to do,” one curator says of the African-American Museum’s growing collection.

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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 6, 2015

Think you know what “Jewish music” sounds like? The 2015 Washington Jewish Music Festival shakes off stereotypes. But first, a politically-minded poet converts a stage into a field of F-bombs.


My Morning Jacket's 'The Waterfall' Can Beat You Down Or Lift You Up

Beneath the band's musical strata is deeply ingrained spirituality. On its new album, My Morning Jacket directs its attention toward the natural world.

Willie Nelson: 'Ain't Many Of Us Left'

The Red-Headed Stranger has a new memoir out, titled It's A Long Story. On a tour bus in Thackerville, Okla., Nelson explains to NPR's David Greene why no one can tell him what to do.
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Junkyard Band Bassist, Passenger Die In Motorcycle Crash

Just one day after his go-go band played a Funk Parade event, Junkyard Band bassist and manager Derek Anthony “House” Colquitt, 47, died Sunday afternoon in a motorcycle crash in Waldorf, Maryland.


A New Jazz Suite For Head, Shoulders, Knees And Toes

Saxophonist and composer Steve Coleman's new album for large ensemble is called Synovial Joints, after the different ways the human body moves. The MacArthur Fellow explains how nature inspires him.

Kurt Cobain Speaks — Through Art And Audio Diaries — In 'Montage Of Heck'

"The idea was not to tear him down, nor was it to put him on a pedestal," says director Brett Morgen. Instead, executive producer Frances Bean Cobain told Morgen to "make it honest."