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Russian Pop Stars Pay A Price For Speaking Out On Ukraine

Russian performers who have criticized the country's role in Ukraine have been denounced on TV programs and had concert dates abruptly canceled.

Bob Dylan, In New Album, Will Cover Frank Sinatra

But Dylan in a statement said he doesn't see himself as "covering these songs in any way." Instead, he said he and his band are "uncovering them." Shadows in the Night will be released Feb. 3

Wu-Tang's Fabulous Fabulist Returns

Ghostface Killah's new 36 Seasons is a concept album with a big cast. It stars his Tony Starks alter ego in dense action scenes.

Just Who Is That 'Mean Old Daddy'?

Cary Raditz, 68, gives his side of the story behind Joni Mitchell's 1972 song about him.

The Music Midnight Makes: In Conversation With Joni Mitchell

The legendary composer and singer showed up at NPR's Culver City studios just before the dead of night to talk about her "helium voice," overcoming polio and painting songs with Bob Dylan.

After Decades Of Success, Joni Mitchell Is Still Just 'A Painter Who Writes Songs'

Mitchell talks about her new four-disc boxed set, Love Has Many Faces, and the different colors such a collection can reveal in a lifetime of work.

Before Dylan, Dave Ray's Blues Rocked Minneapolis

When Bob Dylan moved to Minneapolis in 1959, he was overshadowed by a singer and guitar player named Dave Ray of the blues trio Koerner, Ray and Glover. A new box set traces the singer's evolution.

'Oxford American' Waltzes Across Texas

The magazine's new Southern Music issue is all about Texas, from Bob Wills to Ornette Coleman.
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In Remembrance Of Ray Davis

The bluegrass radio legend and longtime WAMU broadcaster died Dec. 3.


Keyboardist Ian McLagan Dies At 69

He was in the English rock bands Small Faces and Faces, and he also played keyboard for the Rolling Stones. McLagan died today in Austin, Texas. He was 69.