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'Weird Al' Yankovic On Parody In The Age Of YouTube

Yankovic says the new digital democracy has forced him to focus his craft and reconsider his release strategy — but where pop parody is concerned, "as long as people don't mind, I'll keep doing it."

Jack Antonoff Takes A Break From fun. To Release 'Desire'

Jack Antonoff, lead guitarist for the band fun., wanted to break out on his own. Now he has — with his new band, Bleachers. NPR's Tamara Keith talks to him about the debut album, Strange Desire.

Remembering Jazz Legend Charlie Haden, Who Crafted His Voice In Bass

Polio damaged Haden's voice when he was young, but as a bassist and composer, he helped shape the sound of jazz and spanned country and gospel. He died Friday at 76.

The Music — And Mess — In Ben Watt's Long Goodbye To His Father

Ben Watt is a singer and DJ, best known for being in the British pop duo Everything but the Girl. Now, he's back with a new album and a book that gives an inside look at his complicated relationship with his parents.

Miranda Lambert And The Soft Side Of Tough

With a catalog of songs heavy on revenge, guns, cigarettes and beer, Lambert has painted herself as one of country's bad girls. Her new album, Platinum, shows a more vulnerable side.

The New Sound Of Young Nashville: 3 Country Artists To Watch

Ann Powers says Music City has never been more bohemian — and that's one reason why, alongside the glitz of mainstream country, the underground side of American roots music is booming there.

TMM Editor Says The Song 'Take It Easy' Captures Spirit Of Show

As Tell Me More enters its final weeks of production, Supervising Editor Alicia Montgomery shares her favorite songs for the program's 'In Your Ear' series.
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Singer Grace Griffith Pushes Through Parkinson's to Record Final Album

Despite dealing with Parkinson's Disease, this local singer-songwriter was committed to producing one final album.

Clash In Nashville: A Property Battle On Music Row Draws A Crowd

After decades hosting country greats, RCA Studio A is in jeopardy — and there are local music titans on both sides of the fight.

Dublin Has Garth's Heart, But Not His Concerts Anymore

Garth Brooks has cancelled five concerts after the Dublin City Council refused to grant him more than three. Melissa Block speaks to Rachel Flaherty of The Irish Times about the controversy.