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For Guitarist Tom Chang, Opening Up Is A Constant Process

The guitarist and composer says that in spite of all the styles of music he's played — Indian Carnatic, classical, jazz, rock, blues — there's always more to learn.
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Mama Doni Returns Home To Perform At Washington Jewish Music Festival

A children's musician is returning to her childhood home this Sunday to perform a free concert as part of a local music festival.
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Lawyer-Emcee Releases Music Video One Year After Snowden Leaks

Shahid Buttar, a constitutional lawyer by day and emcee and poet by night, has released a music video inspired by the one-year anniversary of the Edward Snowden NSA leaks.

What Philip Glass And Tommy Tutone Have In Common

Jim Keller manages a famous minimalist composer. He co-wrote "867-5309/Jenny" with Tommy Tutone. And somewhere in between, he's released his third solo album, Heaven Can Wait.

A Catalan Singer With Many Brave And Treacherous Stories To Tell

"The song has to have a story that I believe in and I can make my own," says Silvia Perez Cruz, who can sing in seven languages. The intimate and fierce Granada is an album for voice and guitar.

Nobody Panic! It's Only A Pop Song About Sex

Jody Rosen says that 1909's "I Love My Wife — But Oh! You Kid!" not only spurred guardians of public morality to action but also changed American popular music forever.

Stopped By 'No One,' A Nun Wins Italy's 'The Voice'

The TV talent show ended with a surprise breakout star, 25-year-old Sister Cristina Scuccia. She became a favorite after her first-round performance of Alicia Keys' "No One" went viral.

Chart-Topping 'Chapel Of Love' Turns 50

In 1964, a teenage girl group from New Orleans proved to be The Beatles' biggest competition, knocking the Fab Four out of the No. 1 spot on the charts.

Well, All Right, Starchild, The Mothership Is Back

The Smithsonian is bringing back the funk. Parliament-Funkadelic's iconic stage prop, which would descend to the stage in a blaze of flashing lights, will anchor a new exhibit.

Bob Mould's Beautiful, Ruinous Life In Punk

With Hüsker Dü, Mould helped invent alt-rock, and he's kept innovating ever since. "For so many years, I ran away from my own sound," he says. At 53, he's caught up to himself.