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First Listen: Snarky Puppy, ‘Culcha Vulcha’

High among the variously outstanding qualities of the band Snarky Puppy is its fecundity. This new music heard here isn’t even the first Snarky record to come out this year — that would be the live...

First Listen: The Jayhawks, ‘Paging Mr. Proust’

In the early ’90s, The Jayhawks looked like the next Uncle Tupelo, complete with Midwestern roots, potential for outsize influence, and a lineup rife with infighting and creative differences. But...

Prince, Musician And Iconoclast, Has Died At Age 57

One reporter outside Prince's Paisley Park compound near Minneapolis said "even the journalists are hugging each other" after learning that Prince had died.

First Listen: King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, ‘Nonagon Infinity’

For a specific, obsessively geeky subset of music fans, syncing up Pink Floyd‘s Dark Side Of The Moon with The Wizard Of Oz is practically a rite of passage. Or perhaps you know...

First Listen: Lera Lynn, ‘Resistor’

In the second season of HBO’s noirish crime drama True Detective, it was clear that the singer-songwriter Lera Lynn played a singer-songwriter of a different sort on TV — specifically, a...
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Is Jazz Sustainable In Washington, D.C.?

When the historic jazz venue Bohemian Caverns closed, it left regional artists reeling. Now, instead of bemoaning the loss of the local institution, some musicians are organizing.


The Appalachian Inspiration Of The Black Lillies

The Knoxville band's regional roots are at the center of its sound. Members Cruz Contreras and Trisha Gene Brady explain how the mountains inspire their music.

Music Fans Discover The South's Rich And Complex Heritage

Music promoter Ashley Capps tells Steve Inskeep that a musical renaissance is happening in the small-town South. Chris Green of Berea College weighs in on the origins of country music in Appalachia.

Kanye West And The Streaming Arms Race

West said his latest album would only ever be available on Tidal. Now that fans can hear it on other streaming services, he faces a lawsuit alleging he "tricked" people into signing up.

Henry Threadgill Doubles Up On 'Old Locks And Irregular Verbs'

The Pulitzer Prize-winning composer doesn't play on his new jazz album, but critic Kevin Whitehead says Old Locks and Irregular Verbs is nevertheless a perfect introduction to Threadgill's voice.