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Announcing Capital Soundtrack, A New Music Project From WAMU

This summer, WAMU is turning over our airwaves to musicians from D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We’re doing that with a project called Capital Soundtrack. Read on.

'Presenting Princess Shaw': The Unlikely Story Of Samantha Montgomery

Samantha Montgomery is an elder-care worker in New Orleans who also writes and sings her own songs on YouTube. A composer in Israel spotted her and via social media, they began to work together.

The Harry Bells, Caz And The Day Laborers

Songs heard on WAMU 88.5 on May 31, 2016, as part of our new Capital Soundtrack project....
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Introducing Capital Soundtrack, A New WAMU Music Project

What does Washington sound like? Capital Soundtrack, a new music project from WAMU 88.5, explores that question.

First Listen: Xenia Rubinos, ‘Black Terry Cat’

Xenia Rubinos arrives without exaggerated hype, but with the kind of artistic vision that sneaks up on you. Her first release came to me from within a big stack of CDs I’d picked up at a Latin...

First Listen: Robert Ellis, ‘Robert Ellis’

The anti-heroic American landscape is cluttered with men moving around. John Updike’s Rabbit Angstrom burns down the turnpikes in his shiny American car; John Cheever’s Neddy Merrill “swims the...

First Listen: iLe, ‘iLevitable’

Ileana Cabra Joglar came of age onstage, performing in front of tens of thousands of dancing and singing fans. Her older brothers (René Pérez Joglar and Eduardo Cabra Joglar) make up the hip-hop...

First Listen: William Tyler, ‘Modern Country’

Nashville instrumental guitarist William Tyler never has to nail down the meaning behind the songs on his new record, because a word never crosses them. But his freedom from explicit meaning is a...

First Listen: Fear Of Men, ‘Fall Forever’

“Island,” a highlight from Fear Of Men‘s new album Fall Forever, opens with a string of warped, looping sighs before fanning out into a string of swoonily propulsive pop choruses. At times...

First Listen: Fantastic Negrito, ‘The Last Days Of Oakland’

“Blues with a punk attitude” is the tagline on Fantastic Negrito‘s website, and it’s not an empty slogan. The Bay Area singer-songwriter, a.k.a. Xavier Dphrepaulezz, infuses Last Days Of...