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In A City Known For Go-Go, Hip-Hop Is Making A Name For Itself

A new generation of artists is pushing hip-hop from the fringes to the District's musical mainstream.

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D.C. Dance-Music Label 1432 R Puts A World Of Experience To The Beat

1432 R combines the broad tastes of its D.C. founders with a sound inspired by a country halfway around the globe.

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Why Musicians Are Embracing Cassette Tapes (It's Not Just Nostalgia)

For musicians and music labels, cassette tapes are the cheapest way to make a physical album. They're also one of the fastest.
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Straight-Laced Washington Embraces Underground Metal Scene

Thousands of people are heading to the largest metal festival of its kind this weekend.
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Leaving Their Mark: What's Behind The Scenes At Your Favorite D.C. Music Venues

We'll tour several local venues to check out the mementos music lovers may miss during live shows.

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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, May 21, 2015

You can shut your eyes and pretend you’re miles away with two concerts that present Eastern and Western European musical styles.


Review: 'Platform,' Holly Herndon

Music critic Will Hermes says the new album, Platform, from electronic musician Holly Herndon invites deep listening.

After 42 Years, Juilliard String Quartet Cellist To Step Down

Joel Krosnick, who has been a member of the quartet since 1974, has decided to retire in 2016 and focus on his teaching at the Juilliard School. He says he "will miss every single note."

Review: 'I Can't Imagine,' Shelby Lynne

Music commentator Meredith Ochs reviews the new album by singer Shelby Lynne, I Can't Imagine.

In 'Take Off,' Ramon Valle Makes The Piano Sing

Despite its clarity and cohesion, Jazz critic Kevin Whitehead says the new album from Cuban pianist Ramon Valle and his trio is half knock-out, half schmaltzy.