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Golden Globe Nominees: 'An Embarrassment Of Riches'

Thanks to films like 'Twelve Years A Slave,' 'Lee Daniels' The Butler' and 'Fruitvale Station,' it's been said that 2013 was the 'Year of the Black film.' But do the Golden Globe nominations support that? Host Michel Martin finds out more from Grantland's film critic Wesley Morris.

'Wallace' Grew Up, So What's He Listening To?

Actor Michael B. Jordan has literally grown up on screen — from his role in the hit series 'The Wire' to the critically acclaimed film 'Fruitvale Station.' For Tell Me More's series called "In Your Ear," he talks about some of the tracks that push him to keep working harder.

Tom Hanks And Emma Thompson On The Magic Of Disney

The stars of Saving Mr. Banks — a movie about the struggle between Walt Disney and author P.L. Travers over how the Mary Poppins film would be made — talk to NPR's Renee Montagne about the film, and what their counterparts might have thought of their performances.

At 77, Robert Redford Goes Back To His Roots

Redford says filming All Is Lost was a "pure cinematic experience — the way films used to be." He talks with Fresh Air's Terry Gross about how it's been "sort of weird" being known for his good looks, and about how he nearly wasn't cast in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

At 90, Disney Animation Nowhere Near Drawing To A Close

Nearly a century after it was founded by Walt Disney, the studio is still producing magical cartoons. NPR's Renee Montagne talks about history and the future with John Lasseter — the chief creative officer of both Disney and Pixar Animation Studios.

David O. Russell, Building Movies From The Characters Up

The director of Silver Linings Playbook and The Fighter takes on the Abscam scandal in his latest film. He talks to NPR's Melissa Block about creating the picture — and how those wild '70s hairdos help inform character.

Michael Sheen On The 'Accuracy And Invention' Of Real-Life Roles

Sheen has made a name for himself playing real historical figures, including Mozart, Caligula, Prime Minister Tony Blair and British TV host David Frost. Now, in the Showtime drama Masters of Sex, he plays the part of groundbreaking sex researcher William Masters.

Elevenses And Then Some: How To Prepare A Feast Fit For A Hobbit

The latest installment in the Hobbit movie trilogy opens this week. And some hard-core fans plan to celebrate not just with a marathon screening of the Lord of The Ring films that came before it, but with a full day of feasting — seven meals, hobbit-style. We offer up a sample menu.

Dear Zack Snyder, Regarding Wonder Woman

NPR comics blogger and pop-culture podcaster Glen Weldon has a few words for director Zack Snyder about the casting news that's gotten him in such hot water.

Violence In PG-13 Movies Comes With Plenty Of Sex And Booze

Watching violent movies makes teenagers more aggressive, and that violence is almost always associated with sex, drinking and smoking. Violent characters in PG-13 movies are as likely to indulge in violent activities as those in R-rated flicks.