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For A Rabbi Who Worked With The Nazis, Is Judgment 'Unjust'?

Claude Lanzmann's documentary profiles a Viennese rabbi put to work in a Czech concentration camp. Although Benjamin Murmelstein was himself not a free man, he was despised by fellow Jewish prisoners.

Hard To Watch '12 Years A Slave'? Try Editing It

NPR's Neda Ulaby talks with the director and film editor about the "jigsaw puzzle" job of assembling the acclaimed fact-based drama about a free black man kidnapped and sold into slavery in the pre-Civil War South.

Getting 'Dallas Buyers Club' Made Took Tenacity And 'Will'

The Oscar-nominated film tells the story of Ron Woodroof, an AIDS patient who fought the system to get what he needed to survive. But screenwriters Melisa Wallack and Craig Borten had to fight to get the movie to the big screen, with Borten turning to alcohol and drugs along the way.

Classical Music Piece Enhances Roald Dahl's 'Dirty Beasts'

On Sunday, the London Philharmonic debuted a new piece of music based on Roald Dahl's Dirty Beasts. With Matilda playing to sold-out crowds on Broadway and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory running in London's West End, this is just the latest work by the author to get a musical soundtrack.

A Heinrich Himmler Documentary, In His Own Words

The film premiered a week ago at the Berlin Film Festival and is based on previously undiscovered letters and diaries. The documentary offers an uncomfortable insight into the mind and emotions of the Gestapo and SS chief.

Helprin's 'Winter Tale' Brought To Life On Silver Screen

This futuristic love story is based on Mark Helprin's novel. The strength of Winter's Tale is the real chemistry Jessica Brown Findlay and Colin Farrell create in their shamelessly romantic scenes together.

Disney's First Crop Of Trained Animators, Profiled

The first generation of animators to attend Walt Disney's California Institute of the Arts in the 1970s is profiled in Vanity Fair magazine. NPR's Rachel Martin speaks with Nancy Beiman, who was part of that first class.

Martin Scorsese Takes Poland's Communist-Era Art Films On The Road

The filmmaker fell in love with Polish cinema in college, and the images have stayed with him ever since. "I close my eyes, I see them," he says. "They're very vivid, expressive, immediate." Scorsese's festival of 21 handpicked movies will travel to 30 American cities.

Shirley Temple And Bojangles: Two Stars, One Lifelong Friendship

When the pint-sized actress and the tap-dancing legend performed their "stair dance" in The Little Colonel, it was considered the first interracial dance performance. NPR's Elizabeth Blair explores the offscreen friendship of "Little Miss Sunshine" and Bill Robinson — both icons in their fields.

In 'Whole Gritty City,' Marching Bands Vie For Coveted Mardi Gras Spots

"New Orleans buries too many of its young," Wynton Marsalis says in the documentary's introduction. The Whole Gritty City, airing Saturday on CBS, follows young students who take refuge in New Orleans marching bands.