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For Top-Flight Animators, The Gag Is An Art All Its Own

In the animated world, just about anything goes: Toys talk, mice are chefs, and pandas do kung fu. In animation, the sky's the limit. In this encore broadcast, we learn about the hundreds of people working on big studio features who spend their days figuring out how to manufacture this silliness from the ground up. (This story originally aired on All Things Considered on Nov. 27, 2013.)

Masterpieces In Peril, 'Monuments Men' Protects, But Also Panders

George Clooney's film tells the largely true story of a World War II squad of art experts assigned to protect European masterworks from Nazi theft and Allied bombardment. Critic David Edelstein says the film is engaging and earnest, but a little formulaic.

'Blazing Saddles,' The Best Interracial Buddy Comedy, Turns 40

Mel Brooks' Western spoof set the gold standard for the interracial buddy comedy. Four decades later, the movie is just as funny — and offensive — as ever.

Lanzmann's 'Last Of The Unjust' A Provocative Holocaust Film

Claude Lanzmann is a director known for making long documentaries about the holocaust. His latest is film is The Last of the Unjust which is about Benjamin Murmelstein, the last survivor of the Council of Jewish Elders. Murmelstein was appointed by Adolph Eichmann to oversee Theresienstadt concentration camp.

Behind The Movie, Tales From The Real-Life 'Monuments Men'

George Clooney anchors a thriller about a celebrated military unit that worked to recover and protect precious art and artifacts during the chaos at the end of World War II. NPR's Joel Rose reports on the mission — and some of the surviving members.

'Vanity Fair' Adds Color To Hollywood's Golden Moment

Vanity Fair has caught flak in the past for not including actors of color on the cover of its annual Hollywood Issue. This year, six of the 12 actors featured are black. Industry observers say the cover is a tacit acknowledgment of the way the entertainment industry is changing.

An Oscar Nominee, But Unwelcome At Home In Cairo

Jehane Noujaim's documentary The Square, which chronicles three years of political turmoil in Egypt, is the first film from that country to be nominated for an Academy Award. But the filmmaker has struggled to show the film in its home country.

On Philip Seymour Hoffman, And His Many Appearances

So many of the actor's roles dealt in appearances and self-doubt. Perhaps you don't get that good at communicating insecurity without knowing a little something about those things.

Philip Seymour Hoffman On Acting: An 'Exhausting' And 'Satisfying' Art

We listen back to interviews with Hoffman from 1999 and 2008, when he told Fresh Air's Terry Gross that carrying the emotional life of a character could be "burdensome." He was found dead on Sunday at age 46.

Police Investigate Death Of Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman

Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his New York City apartment on Sunday. He was 46 years old. Police are investigating the death as a possible drug overdose. He'd struggled with substance abuse throughout his life.