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From Kids' Books To Erotica, Tomi Ungerer's 'Far Out' Life

The famed author and illustrator broke the rules of American children's literature in the '50s and '60s, but many Americans have never heard of him. A new documentary, Far Out Isn't Far Enough, looks at his life and work.

Jim Kelly, Actor In 'Enter The Dragon,' Dies

He played a glib American martial artist in the classic Bruce Lee movie. Kelly went on to star in several blaxploitation films in the 1970s. He died of cancer on Saturday at his home in San Diego. He was 67.

Casting Call: Hollywood Needs More Women

Women make up half of movie viewers, and yet they are underrepresented on the big screen. Many more films are made by, for and star men, according to surveys by the Annenberg School. So as Hollywood changes and evolves, can this disparity be fixed?

The Movie Paul Feig Has 'Seen A Million Times'

Writer-director Paul Feig could watch the James Bond film Casino Royale a million times. "Daniel Craig really embodies Ian Fleming's James Bond," he says.

Bullock And McCarthy, Packing 'Heat' (And Laughs) In Boston

Director Paul Feig and writer Katie Dippold have found a perfect pair of leads for their cop comedy. Critic Bob Mondello says Oscar winner Sandra Bullock and Oscar nominee Melissa McCarthy turn out to have enviable comic chemistry.

'White House Down' Is Packed With Continuous Action

The new movie White House Down is about terrorists trying to take down the White House. The idea is so completely ridiculous, says critic Kenneth Turan, that it's actually entertaining.

A Revealing '60s 'Portrait,' Opening Eyes In Theaters Again

Shirley Clarke's 1967 film Portrait of Jason has returned to theaters after a meticulous restoration. As a historian and a documentarian tell reporter Howie Movshovitz, it's as remarkable in many ways today as it ever was.

'I'm So Excited': Pedro Almodovar's Spanish Metaphor

The legendary film director's new film is about a group of passengers stuck on an airplane. It's a comedy: In between panicking, the passengers find time to fall in love, make love — and come out of the closet. It's also a return to the filmmaker's Spanish roots.

Coppola And Watson On Teens, Fame And 'Bling'

NPR's Scott Simon talks to writer-director Sofia Coppola and actress Emma Watson about their film The Bling Ring, in which a group of celebrity-mad teens rob the homes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and others. It's based on a true story.

'Me' Too: For Gru, Another Shot At Global Domination

There will be hits and misses at movie houses this summer, but it's a decent bet Despicable Me 2 will end up in the that-went-well column. NPR's Elizabeth Blair looks at the appeal of the sequel's singularly villainous hero.