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Liam Neeson's Action Chops Take Flight In 'Non-Stop'

Neeson became a bankable action hero in 2008 after the thriller Taken. Now almost 62, he's still getting out of tight corners with his fists. His new film unfolds on a transatlantic flight.

A Cowboy Stunt Double Who Made The Stars Look Good

For decades, Dean Smith doubled for Gene Autry, John Wayne and other Hollywood stars in some of America's most iconic Westerns. Those days are behind him, but Smith is still a cowboy at heart.

Keen Eyes, Uncanny Instincts Keep Films In Sharp Focus

Believe it or not, the person responsible for keeping each and every shot of a movie in focus never looks through a camera lens. NPR's Susan Stamberg explains the role of the focus puller.

Action Hero Liam Neeson Stars In 'Non-Stop'

The crisp and efficient thriller Non-Stop benefits from the intangibles that Liam Neeson brings to the role of a U.S. air marshal dealing with a nightmare scenario.

Oscar Swag Bag Valued At $85,000

The Oscars are this Sunday, and Hollywood stars will flock to the red carpet with hopes of getting an Academy Award. But even those who don't get a trophy, still get a pretty nice consolation prize.

Oscar Glow, Today's Tech Help Short Films Find Their Fandom

Oscar-nominated short films, once all but impossible to see except at art-house theaters, are surging in popularity via online streaming and on-demand services.

New Academy President Pushes For More Diverse Voting Members

Last summer, the organization behind the Oscars elected its first African American president: film marketing executive Cheryl Boone Isaacs. She's been working to diversify a monochrome membership.

A Meet-Cute Romance With A Delicious Twist

A correspondence begins in the unlikeliest of ways when a lunch delivery from a Mumbai woman to her office-worker husband accidentally makes its way into a stranger's hands.

In 'Stalingrad,' Where The Fog Of War Is Plenty Thick

A new 3-D take on a formative Russian war story has its impressive moments, but ultimately feels contrived and confusing.

Remembering Harold Ramis, Master Of The 'Smart Dumb-Movie'

Best known for Animal House, Ghostbusters and Groundhog Day, Ramis died Monday at 69. Critic John Powers says Ramis was like a favorite uncle who spices up the family reunion by spiking the punch.