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They Cast Whom?! Actor Choices To Offend Every Racial Sensibility

Should an actor's ethnicity match a character's ethnicity? Does it matter, or does it not? Whatever your line of thinking, you're probably irked by these recent casting developments.

Fatal Accident Fuels Safety Concerns On Hollywood's Sets

On Feb. 20, Sarah Jones was killed in an accident on the set of the film Midnight Rider. But Jones wasn't a stuntwoman who might expect to face a high degree of danger — she was a camera assistant.

'Flaco And Max' Keep A South Texas Musical Tradition Thriving

Flaco Jimenez has been playing the accordion for most of his 75 years. He makes conjunto music with guitar player Max Baca. NPR's Scott Simon speaks to the pair about their album, Flaco & Max.

Bertrand Tavernier, Playing Geopolitics For Laughs

Known for serious films such as The Clockmaker and 'Round Midnight, the French filmmaker has turned to comedy — with a serious undertone — in his latest film, The French Minister.

From Action Hero To Teenage Nerd, Shailene Woodley Has Range

With the potential blockbuster Divergent on the horizon, the actress has been busy positioning herself as a dynamic performer, from the indie The Spectacular Now to the YA film The Fault in Our Stars.

'Divergent': A Film About A Risk Taker That Plays It Safe

Los Angeles Times and Morning Edition film critic Ken Turan reviews "Divergent," a sci-fi adventure about a world in which people are divided into groups representing a particular virtue — bravery, for example. It is based on the young adult novels by Veronica Roth.

A Meteoric Rise For Young 'Divergent' Author

Veronica Roth, author of the best-selling young adult series "Divergent," signed a book deal while she was still in college. The book hit shelves when she was just 22. Now 25, Roth says she wasn't sure what to think when she heard "Divergent" would be turned into a film. But then Kate Winslet signed on.

It's Faction Against Faction In A Grim Future Chicago

With Divergent, Hollywood turns to another hit young-adult trilogy for inspiration. Shailene Woodley stars as a 16-year-old searching for her place in a divided dystopian society.

There's More Than One Way To Watch 'Star Wars'

Whether you're revisiting the Star Wars films or you're just catching them for the first time, there are many ways to watch the series. Blogger Rod Hilton has some tips.

Feminism Is Fashionable For Nigerian Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Adichie might be Africa's best-known young writer, and she's making a big mark on this side of the Atlantic. She talks about feminism and fashion and the possibility of filming with Lupita Nyong'o.