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The Globes Will Be Golden, But Hollywood Remains Mostly White

Sunday's Golden Globes celebratie a diverse group of actors, but beyond those standouts, Hollywood is still a tough town for minorities. In a "who-you-know" business, professionals say, the only color that really matters is green.

From Asghar Farhadi, More Questions Than Answers

The Iranian director who made the Oscar-winning A Separation has scored more awards-season attention; his new film The Past, another wonderfully layered study of domestic dynamics, is up for a Golden Globe.

Death Squads Re-created 'The Act Of Killing' For The Camera

The film The Act of Killing visits former Indonesian death squad killers who wrought havoc from 1965, slaughtering between half- and 2 million people in a genocide often forgotten. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer about his new documentary, which is shortlisted for an Oscar nomination.

'Osage' Hits Close To Home For Writer Tracy Letts

Playwright Tracy Letts won the Pulitzer Prize for August: Osage County, a story of secrets and family dysfunction. Now it's been released as a film, for which Letts wrote the screenplay. The story and its characters came from his own experiences, Letts says.

Cate Blanchett Finds Humor In The Painfully Absurd

After devoting the past several years to theater acting, Cate Blanchett starred this past summer in Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine, for which she's been nominated for a Golden Globe. She spoke with NPR's Robert Siegel about the similarities between theater and film — and the need for lightness in even the darkest drama.

'Invisible Woman' Charts Charles Dickens' Hidden Relationship

A new film explores the affair between Dickens and a young actress for whom he left his wife, but who for years never showed up in biographies of Dickens. It's the second film directed by Ralph Fiennes, who also plays Dickens.

TV Makers Look To Pack More Pixels Into Your Home TV With 4K

TV makers, studios and streaming companies are all getting behind 4K TVs, which offer higher resolutions than even high-definition TVs. Some say it could worry Hollywood and lead to even less risk-taking in movies, but the technology still has significant hurdles to overcome.

Kung Fu Icon Dies at 106

Run Run Shaw died at the age of 106 on Tuesday. He was considered by many to be the father of kung fu movies, producing films such as Five Fingers of Death and Shaolin Avenger.

Run Run Shaw, Kung Fu Movie Pioneer, Dies

The Hong Kong movie mogul's films included 1972's Five Fingers of Death, which was a kung fu classic. With his brother Ronnie, Shaw produced more than 1,000 films over five decades. He also helped produce some American films, including Blade Runner. Later, he became a prominent philanthropist.

Theaters Hope Recliners Lure Homebodies Off Their Sofas

Movie theater seats are getting more deluxe. A couple chains are installing recliners in the latest effort to give movie-goers more of the comforts of home. (This story originally aired on Nov. 29, 2013, on Morning Edition.)