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Anita Ekberg, '50s Screen Star And Sex Symbol, Dies At 83

The Swedish-born actress' most famous role was as Sylvia in Federico Fellini's La Dolce Vita. She died outside Rome this morning.

Ellar Coltrane, Taking Notes On Life And Girls For 'Boyhood'

NPR's Tamara Keith spoke with the star of the film, Ellar Coltrane, who spent more than a decade shooting the movie. This story first aired on July 12 on Weekend Edition Saturday.

'Theory Of Everything' Probes Stephen Hawkings' Love, Not Theory

The Theory of Everything actor Eddie Redmayne tells NPR's Linda Wertheimer about the challenges of portraying a genius. This story originally Nov. 8 on Weekend Edition Saturday.

'Selma' Backlash Misses The Point

Historian Peniel Joseph says Selma is the first major film about civil rights history that properly honors the contributions of the movement's African-American foot soldiers.

'I Was A Dramatic Kid': For Jessica Chastain, Acting Came Naturally

Chastain started her own theater company at age 10. As the first in her family to go to college, she says attending Juilliard was scary, but her grandmother helped her through it.

The 'Selma' Criticism For How It Portrays Lyndon B. Johnson: Is It Fair?

The film about Martin Luther King's marches for voting rights is being accused of alleged historical inaccuracies. Critic David Edelstein says that's "not entirely" fair, and it's still a great movie.

Movie Review: 'Song Of The Sea'

Song of the Sea by Irish director Tomm Moore is a wonder to behold. It's a stunning example of hand-drawn animation, steeped in Irish myth, folklore and legend.

The Sounds, Space And Spirit Of 'Selma': A Director's Take

Ava DuVernay's new film dramatizes a turning point in civil rights history. She says she wanted to "elevate [Selma] from a page in your history book and really just get it ... into your DNA."

How 'Star Wars' Helped Patton Oswalt Beat His Movie Addiction

The actor and comedian reveals in his new memoir, Silver Screen Fiend, that he used to have a film addiction. Watching the first Star Wars prequel led to a realization that helped him kick the habit.

'I Was So Grateful For My Body': Jennifer Aniston Portrays Chronic Pain

In Cake, Aniston plays a haunted woman who is suffering from debilitating pain. While Aniston is not actively looking for dramatic roles, she says "comedy and drama go hand in hand."