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The Next Hit Film Might Be On The 'Black List'

Movie executive Franklin Leonard's "Black List" came out last week, and it's a collection on which a lot of filmmakers would like to find their projects. Host Audie Cornish takes a quick look at the coveted list.

'100 Cult Films': Some You'd Expect, But 'Star Wars'?

Film studies professors Ernest Mathijs and Xavier Mendik talk about what makes a cult film — and their definitions may surprise many listeners.

Patton Oswalt On Comedy, Change, And What Happens If You Never Leave Home

Patton Oswalt says that both in the film Young Adult and in a long history in stand-up, growing up is better than staying in the same place forever.

An 'Impossible' Mission Full Of Fun And Wonder

Director Brad Bird makes his live-action debut with Ghost Protocol, the latest film in the Mission: Impossible franchise starring Tom Cruise. Critic David Edelstein says the movie is "wonderful fun" and "in a different league than its predecessors."

'Mission Impossible' 4 Doesn't Disappoint

The title doesn't have the number, but anyone who cares knows that Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol is really Mission Impossible 4. It's opening this weekend only on huge IMAX screens. It will be in regular theaters next week.

Diablo Cody Explores The Ugly Side Of Pretty In 'Young Adult'

Writer Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for Juno, is back with Young Adult, a dark comedy about a woman who can't let go of her high school self.