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Baby Boomers Return To The Multiplex, And Hollywood Notices

With popular films like Amour and Quartet filling theater seats — and winning awards — it's clear that targeting the 50-plus demographic can be a win-win for filmmakers.
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Cab Driver Turns Experiences Behind the Wheel Into Movie

Cab driver Oleg Merkulov has seen all sorts of things while on the job, and he turned one of those experiences into a quirky, low-budget film.

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'Hollywood On The Potomac': New Book Captures D.C. On Film

Mike Canning's new book, "Hollywood on the Potomac," offers the first comprehensive look at how Washington, D.C., appears in American feature films.


For Film Set Decorators, Tiny Details Count

On a movie set, every piece of furniture, wall hanging or bit of desktop clutter that an actor doesn't touch is chosen by the film's set decorator. For her annual Oscar-season series on Hollywood jobs, NPR's Susan Stamberg follows a handful of these decorators from prep through "Action!"

The Art And Anatomy Of The Cinematic Trailer

Before films hit theaters they are heralded by trailers that can either drive people to the box office or keep them away. Stephen Garrett, owner of the trailer house Jump Cut Creative, talks about what it takes to lure audiences without spoiling a film.

Voting Pinochet Out Was More Than Just A Yes Or 'No'

In the Chilean film No, which is nominated for Best Foreign Language Film, a young ad man devises a campaign to vote the dictator Augusto Pinochet out of office using rainbows and catchy theme songs.

Oscar Nominees Faced Pressure Playing 'Real People'

Morning Edition has gone into the archives for NPR interviews from the past year with two Oscar nominees. We'll hear from Naomi Watts who plays a tsunami survivor in The Impossible. And Daniel Day Lewis who plays Abraham Lincoln.