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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Separates Fact From Fiction In 'Interstellar'

The astrophysicist has been tweeting about the science behind the film. In an interview with NPR, Tyson goes beyond those tweets, into wormholes, relativity and even some spoilers.

Jon Stewart's Debut Film Shows 'Humor Survives' In The Bleakest Conditions

Rosewater is based on Maziar Bahari's experience of being tortured in an Iranian prison. "His humor sustained him," the Daily Show host says. "And I found that incredibly empowering."

James Earl Jones: From Stutterer To Janitor To Broadway Star

The 83-year-old was once a farm kid who didn't want to talk. Today, the unmistakable stage and screen actor (not to mention the voice of Darth Vader) still calls himself a "journeyman actor."

Inside The 'Life And Crimes' Of A Career Jewel Thief

International jewel thief Doris Payne, now 84, has a criminal history that dates back to the 1950s. A new documentary tells her story and goes inside one of her more recent trials.

New Stephen Hawking Biopic Explores Love, Not Science

The Theory of Everything, starring Eddie Redmayne, focuses on the theoretical physicist's relationship with his wife more than his professional accomplishments.

'Occupy The Farm': In Berkeley, The Revolution Will Be Irrigated

A new documentary film follows protesters who occupied a research farm owned by the University of California. The film has become a symbol of the subversive possibilities of urban farming.

Christopher Nolan On Blending Reality Into Fantasy In 'Interstellar'

Nolan has been called the director that's single-handedly saving the blockbuster movie. Melissa Block talks to him about why he likes to take on big, complex ideas and weave them into human stories.

'Viva La Libertà' Offers Harmless Electoral Fun

NPR film critic Bob Mondello reviews Viva la Libertà, a lightweight Italian election comedy that might provide even Democrats with a smile this week.

The Challenge Of 'Big Hero 6': How To Make A Huggable Robot

Baymax, the lovable robot in the new Disney movie, was inspired by inflatable robots being developed at the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.

'Interstellar' Is Christopher Nolan's Space-Time Epic

Earlier generations of science fiction fretted about nuclear radiation or alien invasion. What powers Interstellar is an up-to-date concern about the viability of Earth as home for the human race.