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Spreading Wealth After Tough Lessons From Cancer

The new documentary The Education of Dee Dee Ricks premieres on HBO Thursday. It charts the story of a self-admitted vain white businesswoman who questions her lavish life after being diagnosed with breast cancer. She realizes how lucky she is to be able to afford treatment. This galvanizes Ricks to advocate and raise money for poor, uninsured cancer patients — many who happen to be women of color. Michel Martin speaks with Dee Dee Ricks about her personal transformation and outreach.

DVD Picks: 'Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection'

Bob Mondello recommends a collection of Alfred Hitchcock films that reveal a master at work.

'Shame,' Sex And Violence: Can We Reclaim The NC-17 Rating?

The ratings controversy over a new film from Fox Searchlight promises a way forward out of the chaotic movie ratings system.

Moreno, Leguizamo Talk Latin Life In 'Hollywouldn't'

They rose to fame 40 years apart, but Rita Moreno and John Leguizamo say they both faced some of the same hurdles in a town that sometimes just sees brown — and they both got over them with a signature sense of humor.

'Klitschko': Brothers And Boxers Who Fight Hard, But Never Each Other

Scott Simon talks to the champion boxers at the center of a new documentary about them — in addition to both being title-holders, they also happen to be brothers.

High Anxieties Make For A Mad, Mad Movie World

Melancholia, Take Shelter and other recent films about characters fighting delusion or depression highlight the way filmmakers keep audiences guessing — and keep movies interesting — with fractured narrative and stylized visuals.