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Controversial Film Director Ken Russell Dies At 84

The edgy, experimental director of Tommy, Altered States and the Oscar-winning Women in Love brought a spirit of glamour and flamboyance to British cinema.

Swede Fest Attracts Hollywood Blockbuster Remakes

There's a community of people who celebrate the films they love by attempting to recreate them using low-budget costumes, sets and special effects. The process, introduced in the movie Be Kind Rewind, is called sweding. Twice a year, these folks come together in Fresno, Calif., to showcase their work.

Praise Puts 'Tyrannosaur' Filmmaker In The Spotlight

Writer-director Paddy Considine's debut film, Tyrannosaur, is a favorite of critics this year. It's generating Oscar buzz and has earned Sundance Festival awards for Considine's directing and the film's lead actors. the film tackles dark themes like death and spousal abuse, but a message of hope manages to shine through. Weekends on All Things Considered guest host Rachel Martin talks to Paddy Considine about writing and directing the film, which is in theaters now.

In Glorious Black And White, An 'Artist' Falls Silent

In 1927 Hollywood, a silent-film icon (Jean Dujardin) is about to face a challenge with the arrival of talkies — while a young extra (Berenice Bejo) stands on the verge of stardom. (Recommended)

Holiday Treats From Hollywood

NPR's Bob Mondello offers a selective preview of Hollywood's brightly wrapped holiday baubles. On tap: two films from Steven Spielberg, Ralph Finnes' directing debut and others.

Nightmares On The Set: 'Prince and The Show Girl'

In 1956, two icons — Marilyn Monroe and Sir Laurence Olivier — got together in London to make a movie, The Prince and the Showgirl. It was a comedy about the lonely Prince Regent of Carpathia, who meets a flirty American showgirl. The film was a royal flop. Now a film, My Week With Marilyn, recounts the miserable time had by all on the set. It's the story of one week during the film shoot, with behind-the-scenes clashes, misaligned acting styles, and the pursuit of personal ambitions. Michelle Williams plays Monroe and Kenneth Branagh plays Olivier.