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The Movie Donald Faison Has 'Seen A Million Times'

Actor Donald Faison could watch Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back a million times. "We spent a lot of money at the movie theaters," he says, "I want to say I saw it at the movie theaters 30 times."

In Movie Theaters, How Much Security Is Enough?

The tragedy at the showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colo., has theaters around the country beefing up security this weekend. Movie theaters make their own decisions about what level of security they need. As NPR's Elizabeth Blair reports, security experts say it's usually not enough.

In Troubled Times, A 'Dark Knight' Returns

The Dark Knight Rises places Batman in contemporary New York amid familiar economic and social unrest. NPR's Bob Mondello says the film is as big and loud as expected. The biggest surprise is how satisfying an end it provides to Christopher Nolan's trilogy.

As Class Warfare Brews, A 'Dark Knight Rises'

The finale to Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy has the caped crusader battling a brute villain posing as the leader of a modern-day French revolution. Critic David Edelstein says the film has great moments and a fine turn by Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, but it never quite takes off.

IMAX Reigns, From Museums To Movie Theaters

Audie Cornish speaks with James Hyder of the Independent Journal of the Large Format Motion Picture Industry. They discuss the rise of the IMAX screen and what distinguishes both the technology and the cinematic experience of these very large screens.
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The Pentagon's "Hollywood Liaison"

Kojo chats with the Defense Department's official liaison to the film industry.