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Latino Buying Power Gets Movie Studios' Attention

The Spanish language film Instructions Not Included was No. 5 at the box office over the Labor Day weekend. Movie studios are paying attention to Latino audiences because they buy a quarter of the movie tickets sold in the U.S.

The Wondrous, Melancholy Worlds Of Hayao Miyazaki

Hayao Miyazaki recently announced his intention to stop making feature-length films. His movies taught Code Switch's Kat Chow lessons she didn't learn at school or from family.

Examining Jamaica's Homophobia

Jamaica is known for beaches and warm weather, but for many gay and lesbian people living on the island, it's a place of hatred. A documentary, The Abominable Crime shines a light on homophobia and anti-gay violence in Jamaica. Host Michel Martin finds out more from filmmaker Micah Fink and human rights activist Maurice Tomlinson. This segment initially aired July 22, 2013 on Tell Me More.

Help! I'm Taking My Kids To See One Direction!

The British boy band and international sensation releases its new movie this weekend, and there could be some screaming in the audience. Journalist Timothy Guy from the Press Enterprise speaks shares tips with host Scott Simon on how to cope if your kids take you to see This Is Us.
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NASA, Hubble & Outer Space: The Art Of Astronomy (Rebroadcast)

NASA's images and footage are used in everything from TV to movies, and they've inspired visual artists and musicians for decades. We explore how images of space are created and used in everything from scientific study to pop culture.


Rebecca Hall, Finding New Thrills In The Family Business

The British-American actress co-stars opposite Eric Bana in the surveillance-state thriller Closed Circuit. She joins NPR's Robert Siegel to talk about playing a barrister, working with her celebrated Shakespearean father and being inspired by her opera-singer mom.

Reaching Across What's Broken, 'Short Term' Fix Or No

After college, director Destin Daniel Cretton took a job at a short-term care facility for at-risk teenagers. His time there became the basis for Short Term 12, a film that took two awards at this year's South by Southwest Festival. (Recommended)

Teenage Graceland: A Temporary Home For Troubled Kids

At a California facility, troubled teens are counseled by young adults who haven't entirely overcome their own adolescent traumas. Writer-director Destin Cretton drew on his experiences working with residents ordered to stay just a year. Brie Larson and John Gallagher Jr. star in Short Term 12.

'World's End' Finishes Comic Trilogy On A High Note

Bob Mondello reviews the new British comedy The World's End, about a nostalgic pub crawl that turns unexpectedly lethal.

Batman Fans Howling After Ben Affleck Casting

Melissa Block talks with NPR pop culture podcaster and blogger Glen Weldon about the news that Ben Affleck has been cast as the next Batman.