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'Belle': Romance, Race And Slavery With Jane Austen Style

After the success of movies about the brutality of slavery, the film Belle brings a whole new perspective. Actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw talks about her role as a mixed-race 18th century heroine.

Multiplexes Heat Up For Summer Blockbuster Season

From apocalyptic sci-fi adventures to musical biopics and road-trip comedies, Hollywood has more than 80 would-be box-office behemoths on tap for moviegoers between now and Labor Day.

Singing Star Of All-Black Cowboy Movies, Herb Jeffries, Dies

Herb Jeffries was the first singing star of all-black cowboy movies in the late 1930s, which garnered him the nickname the "Bronze Buckeroo." He died Sunday in California, at age 100.

Jeff Goldblum Plays A Jazz Show Almost Every Week. No, Really.

Known for his roles in The Big Chill and The Fly, the actor hosts a weekly show in Los Angeles with his band, The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra. Among the songs: the lyrics to Jurassic Park's theme music.

What Makes R2-D2 The 'Most Beloved Robot In The Galaxy'

R2-D2, the robot in Star Wars, is the subject of an article in Smithsonian Magazine. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to the author, Clive Thompson, about how R2-D2 became such a beloved robot.

'Bring Out The Gimp': The Man Behind The Mask In 'Pulp Fiction'

Pulp Fiction introduced a number of now-legendary characters, including a very mysterious one: the Gimp. Who played that disturbing part? When he got the role, he was working on kids' cartoons.

Eva Marie Saint: At 89, 'You Have More To Give'

On The Waterfront turns 60 this year. It was the film that introduced Eva Marie Saint to the world. NPR's Scott Simon talks with the 89-year-old movie legend, who won an Oscar for her role.

Seeing The New 'X-Men'? Take Along A Teenager To Explain

Bob Mondello says X-Men: Days of Future Past is awesomely urgent and utterly forgettable all at once, but it'll leave you bouncing with excitement — if you can keep the multiple mutants straight.

'The Immigrant': An Ellis Island Period Drama From James Gray

In the director's latest film, Marion Cotillard plays a Polish woman trying to free her sister from the island's infirmary and Joaquin Phoenix co-stars as a shady businessman.

'Fresh Air' Remembers Cinematographer Gordon Willis

Willis shot eight Woody Allen films and the entire Godfather trilogy. He died Sunday at 82. Willis spoke to Fresh Air's Terry Gross in 2002.