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Bruce Dern's 'Transcendent Performance' In 'Nebraska'

It's the letter everyone's received. The one that says you've won $1 million but is actually about selling magazine subscriptions. But what if someone truly believed they'd won that million? And what if that individual was your cranky father and he insisted on going to prize headquarters to collect his money.

Actor Bruce Dern Gets Up Close And Personal In 'Nebraska'

Dern's new film follows a man named Woody who is starting to show signs of dementia. When Woody falls for one of those junk-mail sweepstakes come-ons, he becomes convinced that he's won $1 million and sets out on foot to collect the cash. Dern tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross, "[Nebraska] is the most personal movie I've ever done in my career."

Terrence Howard & Sanaa Lathan Dish On 'The Best Man Holiday'

In the new film The Best Man Holiday, college friends reunite after some 15 years, and the old rivalries and romances reignite. It's the sequel to the 1999 comedy The Best Man, which became one of the biggest hits for a black director and cast. Host Michel Martin speaks with actors Sanaa Lathan and Terrence Howard.

Chasing Money, And Meaning, In 'Nebraska'

A road-trip movie from director Alexander Payne (Sideways) follows a man en route to collect a million-dollar prize that probably never was. NPR's Bob Mondello says the black-and-white film is just the latest achievement from a talented filmmaker. (Recommended)

Movies Rated PG-13 Feature The Most Gun Violence

Banning R-rated movies for your kids isn't enough to spare them from scenes of gun violence. The amount of gun violence in R-rated films has stayed fairly stable since 1985, while gun violence in PG-13 movies has soared.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Going After What's Real

On a visit to the set of Nightcrawler, NPR's Audie Cornish talks to the actor about his changing career and his recent crime drama, Prisoners, where he plays a solemn detective in search of two young missing girls.
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Inescapable Melodies: The Legacy Of Video Game Music

Some of the most memorable melodies of the past few decades came not from the pop charts but from video games.


Animator Hayao Miyazaki's 'Wind Rises' Is 'Special'

"To see The Wind Rises is to both marvel at the work of Hayao Miyazaki and regret that this film is likely his last," says critic Kenneth Turan. Inspired by the life of a brilliant aircraft designer, it's quintessential Miyazaki: stunningly beautiful and completely idiosyncratic.

'Open Secret': When Everyone Knows Who Your 'Real' Mom Is, Except You

When he turned 18, Steve Lickteig learned that the woman he knew as his older sister was actually his mother, a secret his other siblings and most of his small Kansas town had known and kept from him. In a new documentary, Lickteig tries to understand how he was left in the dark for so long.

This 'Time,' Supernatural Love Story Falls Flat

About Time, written and directed by Richard Curtis (Love Actually), follows a young man looking for love — with a little help from time-travel. NPR's Bob Mondello says that in this instance, time travel and romantic comedy don't necessarily blend well together.