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After The Fall, A Young Man Chronicles His Life With Multiple Sclerosis

Jason DaSilva was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 25. He has applied his skills as a documentary filmmaker to show what it's like to quickly lose the ability to walk.

Saving Lives And Surviving Paperwork Inside The LA County ER

Trauma victims and the uninsured alike pour through the doors of LA County Hospital. Filmmaker-physician Ryan McGarry's new documentary, Code Black, takes viewers inside the busy emergency room.

'They Came Together' Is A Terrible Rom-Com On Purpose

The film lampoons every trope in the romantic comedy textbook. Man-to-man real talk on the basketball court? Check. Sad heart-to-heart with a bartender? There's that too, but not how you'd expect.

'Miss Lovely' Exposes The Underbelly Of India's Film Industry

No one wanted to talk to director Ashim Ahluwalia on camera about making porn in India. So to cover the rarely discussed topic, he created a fictional film that looks and feels like a documentary.

'Jersey Boys' And 'Venus In Fur' Are Just As Intense On Screen

Two veteran directors adapted the Broadway shows to film. And while many such translations are too stage-bound, critic David Edelstein says Clint Eastwood and Roman Polanski got the balance right.

Clint Eastwood Takes 'Jersey Boys' From Broadway To Movie Theaters

Jersey Boys is based on the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. The film deals with the group's turbulent relationships away from the studio as much as the music that flowed out of it.

Never Tell Them The Odds: Cities Vie To Host 'Star Wars' Collection

Star Wars creator George Lucas wants to build a museum full of movie memorabilia and fine art. But where? Both his hometown of San Francisco and Chicago, his "second home," are vying for it.

Viewed In 'Third Person': A Puzzle With Some Tough-To-Find Pieces

A new film by Oscar-winning writer and director Paul Haggis has drawn some scathing reviews. But he and actress Moran Atias defend the film as a puzzle — one story told with three sets of characters.

Living Openly With HIV: 'We Could Be Those Role Models We Wish We Had'

William Brawner has been HIV-positive for most of his life. He kept his status a secret for years, even from friends and sexual partners. His life is the subject of a new documentary, "25 to Life."

'Rover' Blends Quiet Character Moments Amid Societal Collapse

The Rover is a bleak film set in a very particular future. It's 10 years after a world-wide economic collapse, and the Australian outback is populated by unhinged people exhausted by heat and despair.