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3 Years After Boston Marathon Bombing, The Story Of A Wrongly Accused Student

Brown University student Sunil Tripathi disappeared just before the Boston Marathon bombing, and was accused of being involved in the attack. A new documentary looks at the effects of the allegation.

Tribeca Film Festival Kicks Off, Flaunting More Than Movies

The Tribeca Film festival starts this week and it's going to showcase a lot more than films.

'Barbershop' Returns, With Shears In Hand And New Twists In Mind

The latest in the Barbershop movie franchise is out this weekend. Screenwriter Tracy Oliver, who co-wrote the screenplay, talks with NPR's Michel Martin.

AMC Backtracks On Experiment To Allow Texting In Theaters After Outcry

AMC said on Thursday it was considering allowing texting in some of its movie theaters. The outrage was immediate and loud, and on Friday, the company announced that it had reconsidered.

Feats Of Technical Magic Bring Disney's New 'Jungle Book' To Life

A new version of the classic Disney animated movie features a live-action Mowgli and digitally created animals. It's feat of animation and technical magic — the new smoke and mirrors of Hollywood.

Thrilling And Kinetic, Updated 'Jungle Book' Is 'A Triumph'

Jon Favreau's adaptation of the Disney classic reprises the story of a little boy raised by wolves. Critic David Edelstein says The Jungle Book seamlessly blends computer animation and storytelling.
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'Psycho' And So Much More: Composer Bernard Herrmann Gets A D.C. Festival

Herrmann's career and legacy are largely unsung, but in some circles he's regarded "as the supreme Hollywood screen composer." D.C.'s PostClassical Ensemble is holding a monthlong multimedia retrospective, including special events Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Clash Of The Screens: Should Movie Theaters Allow Texting? AMC Says Maybe

The CEO of AMC Entertainment says he is considering allowing texting during some movie showings at AMC Theaters. A good thing? Our pop culture blogger and movie critic weigh in.

Encore: 'Mad Max' Editor On How Editing Shapes A Film

NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Margaret Sixel, Oscar-winning editor of Mad Max: Fury Road. This story originally aired on Feb. 15, 2016, on All Things Considered.

With Hollywood's Advanced Digital Face-Lifting, Do We Even Need Actors?

You can now digitally replace just about anything on an actor's body — including the actor himself. Journalist Logan Hill explains this practice of often invisible digital retouching in media.