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Friday News Roundup - International

The Muslim Brotherhood pledges to bring down military rule as Egypt's death toll climbs. Israeli-Palestinian peace talks resume in Jerusalem. And Secretary of State John Kerry faces questions about NSA spying on his visit to South America.

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Vietnam Vet Works To Repay Debt Of Gratitude

Cliff Brody is a Vietnam veteran who remains indebted to a fellow soldier for convincing him to avoid an action that could have ended in tragedy.

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This Week On Metro Connection: Profiles

We returned to the archives this week, to pluck out stories about people we simply cannot forget.

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Manning Judge Limits Scope Of 'Damage' Testimony

In the sentencing hearing for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, Judge Denise Lind is restricting specific "evidence of harm" brought by the prosecution.

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Pentagon Works To Cut Furlough Days For Civilian Employees

The number of furlough days for civilian Pentagon employees is being trimmed almost in half — from 11 to 6.

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Maximum Sentence For Bradley Manning Reduced To 90 Years

Several counts faced by Army Pfc. Bradley Manning have been merged together, reducing the maximum jailtime he faces for his role in the release of classified documents to Wikileaks.

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Assessing New Threats From Al-Qaida

The U.S. warned American citizens to leave Yemen, closed diplomatic posts in the Middle East and Africa, and issued a worldwide travel alert.

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Bradley Manning Defense Calls For Reduction In Sentence

In the first day of the sentencing phase for Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, attorneys for the defense argued that many of the charges could be merged.

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Bradley Manning Acquitted Of Aiding The Enemy Charge

A military judge has acquitted Army Pfc. Bradley Manning of the most serious charge he faced for leaking documents to Wikileaks, but he was found guilty for several other criminal counts.

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Judge: Verdict In Bradley Manning Trial Due Tuesday

Judge Denise Lind has reached a decision in the trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, and the verdict is set to be announced Tuesday.