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U.S. Oil Production Boom

An exploration of the U.S. domestic shale oil boom and geopolitical power.

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Service Members Speak With Virginia Students Over Skype

Service members deployed overseas were popular on Veterans Day, as both a group of young students in Virginia, as well as the Maryland governor, kept in contact on Veterans Day using Skype.

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Alexandria Elementary School Honors Vets With Breakfast

students at washington mills elementary

On this observed Veteran's Day, some elementary school students in Alexandria are participating in a time-honored tradition.

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Walter Reed Janitors In Labor Dispute With Contractor

Janitors who work at the Walter Reed military medical center in Bethesda say they haven't been paid in two weeks — but they've been hesitant to strike out of concern for the hospital's patients. 

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Vietnam Veterans Gather At Memorial For Its 30th Anniversary

Veterans and their families gathered at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial this weekend were touched by the words of U.S. Secretary of Veterans Affairs Rick Shinseki, himself a Vietnam vet, who said that the soldiers in that war all came back changed. 

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Navy Refocuses On Preventing Sexual Assaults After Two Sailors Arrested In Japan

The Navy has said they are renewing efforts to prevent sexual assaults in their ranks, after two sailors were arrested in Japan on rape charges.

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Thomas Ricks: "The Generals"

Kojo and veteran military reporter Tom Ricks look at some of U.S. history's top brass, and explore how today's commanders are adapting -- or not -- to the demands of modern warfare.

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David Von Drehle: "Rise to Greatness" (Rebroadcast)

The story of Abraham Lincoln's rise to greatness in 1862, America's most perilous year.

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Arlington Cemetery Debuts Electronic Grave Database

Visitors to Arlington National Cemetery — including families of those buried there — will now be able to locate specific grave sites using an online database and a smartphone application.