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Conduct Unbecoming: Military Officer Firings

Getting "fired'" in the military means something different than it does in civilian world. We explore the reasons for, and consequences of, the seemingly increased incidence of officers being removed from command in the military.

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U.S. Army Celebrates 237th Anniversary

The U.S. Army is marking its 237th anniversary today with many invents, including a solemn ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery. 

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Fort McHenry Hosts 'Sailabration' For War Of 1812 Bicentennial

Fort McHenry in Baltimore is turning the bicentennial of the war of 1812 into a "sailabration" this weekend highlighting the fort, the city, and its military history. 

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More Women Enrolling To The U.S. Naval Academy

A U.S. Naval Academy official says the class of 2016 is on track to have the largest female class in the academy's history.

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Thunderbirds To Headline Ocean City Air Show

Soaring above the skies of Ocean City this weekend will be the Thunderbirds — six airmen in F-16s who still get as much of a rush out of the spectacle as the people for whom they perform.

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Virginia Launches New Veteran's ID Card

A new veteran's ID card in Virginia will enable returning vets to take advantage of more services and benefits.

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"The Invisible War"

A new documentary gives voice to the women--and men--who say the military culture and command structure tolerates sexual assault.

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Friday News Roundup - International

Syrian rebels say they are preparing for war in the wake of last Friday's massacre of more than 100 civilians. A complex cyberweapon known as "Flame" forced Iran to cut off its Oil Ministry rigs from the Internet. Ireland went to the polls Thursday to vote on Europe's austerity treaty. A panel of journalists join Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

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Older Vets Honor Iraq War Comrades At Memorial Day Parade

The national Memorial Day Parade in D.C. also honored living Iraq War veterans for the first time this year, after the war officially ended in December 2011.