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Military Official Offers More Details On Norfolk Shooting

The civilian who fatally shot a sailor aboard a Navy destroyer late Monday took the gun from a sailor on watch, according to an anonymous military official.

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Navy: Sailor, Citizen Suspect Killed At Norfolk Base

A Navy sailor was shot and a lone suspect killed aboard a destroyer docked at the Naval base in Norfolk, Va.

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A Renewed Search For Joseph Kony

President Barack Obama ordered a new push in the hunt for the warlord Joseph Kony in Uganda, sending U.S. military aircraft for the first time.

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U.S. Marine Shares The Lowdown On Logistics

A D.C.-based U.S. Marine shares the logistics involved in the transitioning out of Afghanistan in his very first book.

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Virginia Lawmakers Spar Over How To Address Veterans' Mental Health

Mental health remains a primary concern for veterans groups, but little new funding is on the way due to fighting between Republicans and Democrats on how to address the issue.

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Naval Academy Midshipman Accused Of Rape Chooses Judge Over Jury

Government prosecutors allege Joshua Tate had sexual contact with a female classmate who was so drunk she was unable to consent.
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Military Budget Proposal

As U.S. forces withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, the Pentagon is looking to trim its budget. We hear what's on the table, why change is necessary and how it will affect military families.

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Cheating Scandals Rock The Military

Earlier this week, the Navy disclosed that it had suspended 30 sailors on suspicion of cheating on exams to operate nuclear reactors. This follows a string of scandals across several branches of the military, and is leading some to question how the Pentagon is handling ethics in its ranks.

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Alcatraz 11: Vietnam's "Defiant" POWs

Kojo hears the inspiring story of the 11 American prisoners-of-war who endured and heroically resisted years of brutal treatment at Vietnam's Hoa Lo prison and its sub camp "Alcatraz."

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D.C. Gigs: Piloting The POTUS Across D.C. And Around The World

Our "D.C. Gigs" series returns with a profile of Captain Charlene Thoreen, who pilots a helicopter for the President of the United States.