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Hunger Strike At Guantanamo Prison

More than half the prisoners at Guantanamo are on a hunger strike. Most of the inmates are still being held without charges. The unclear future of Guantanamo.

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African American Service In The Civil War

Civil War scholar Ron Coddington has compiled a collection of portraits of these men and used the images as a jumping off point for telling their stories. He joins Kojo to help us understand the Civil War as they experienced it.

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North Korea's Perilous Posturing

Kojo examines the latest bellicose moves by North Korea, and finds out what they mean for security on the Korean peninsula and U.S. security.

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Pentagon Cuts Furlough Days For Civilian Workers

Amidst months of bad news, Pentagon workers finally got a reprieve late Wednesday, when officials revealed that they were trimming the number of furlough days by a third.

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Help For Families Of Wounded Veterans

When a veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury comes home, the whole family is affected: Helping families cope with wounded veterans.

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Marines In Quantico Shooting Identified

Authorities have identified 25-year-old Sgt. Eusebio Lopez as the Marine who shot two of his colleagues to death and then killed himself on Marine Base Quantico last Thursday.

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Three Dead In Shooting At Quantico Marine Base

Three staff members at the Officer Candidate School at Marine Base Quantico in Virginia are dead in what authorities are calling a murder-suicide.

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Veterans Demand Expedited Service To Benefit Claims

Nearly 900,000 veterans are waiting for the Department of Veterans Affairs to process their disability claims.

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Md. Marine, Lance Cpl. William Wild, Among Seven Killed In Mortar Explosion

Funeral services have been scheduled for a local Marine who was killed Monday when a mortar shell exploded during a live-fire training exercise in Nevada.
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No Furloughs For Arlington National Cemetery

Workers across the D.C. region are bracing for the effects of sequestration, but one oasis from the furloughs is in the region's famous military cemetery.