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Local Lawmakers Search For Best Way To Combat Sexual Harassment In Military

Lawmakers in the region are united in the desire to combat sexual harassment in the military, but they have yet to find a legislative fix to the problem.

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Sexual Assault In The Military (Rebroadcast)

A new report indicates sexual assault cases in the military increased more than 30 percent in two years. Diane and guests discuss pressures on the Pentagon to prosecute offenders and prevent future crimes.

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Civil War Vets Interred In New Columbarium At Arlington Cemetery

The Arlington Cemetery now has space to inter more unclaimed remains from American service members as they open their ninth columbarium.

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Friday News Roundup - International

The U.S. and Russia lay the groundwork for Syrian diplomacy. A political kidnapping in Pakistan ahead of elections. And another garment industry tragedy occurs in Bangladesh. A panel of journalists joins Diane for analysis of the week's top international news stories.

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Sexual Assault In The Military

Kojo explores how the military's justice system helps or hinders victims of sexual assault, and looks at efforts to reform the system.

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Half The Battle

Jobs? Relationships? Bills? Why it is so hard for young vets transitioning home. An AU project.
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Privately-Owned Jet Scrambled For Ocean City Air Show

The Blue Angels had to cancel their engagement with the Ocean City Air Show due to sequestration, but organizers were able to find a replacement — one of few that exists.

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African American Service In The Civil War (Rebroadcast)

Civil War scholar Ron Coddington has compiled a collection of portraits of these men and used the images as a jumping off point for telling their stories. He joins Kojo to help us understand the Civil War as they experienced it.

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Military Brings Foreign Counterparts To Fort Meade for Training

Members of militaries from across the globe come to Maryland's Fort Meade to learn how their U.S. counterparts work with the media.