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Bradley Manning Acquitted Of Aiding The Enemy Charge

A military judge has acquitted Army Pfc. Bradley Manning of the most serious charge he faced for leaking documents to Wikileaks, but he was found guilty for several other criminal counts.

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Judge: Verdict In Bradley Manning Trial Due Tuesday

Judge Denise Lind has reached a decision in the trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, and the verdict is set to be announced Tuesday.

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Analysis: Congress Continues Debate Over Guantanamo Bay Detention Center

David Hawkings talks about the latest behind the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention center, and how Obama plans to handle the issue.

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New Smartphone Aims To Improve Lives Of Amputees

An industrial design class at Virginia Tech invented a very smart, smartphone designed for people missing a limb.

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Poor Services At VA Hospitals Leave Virginia Vets Disgruntled

Virginia veterans are speaking out about a long list of problems in the backlog of services in Veterans' Affairs hospitals.

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Defense Makes Closing Arguments In Bradley Manning Trial

The trial of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, accused of leaking classified government information to the Wikileaks website, is coming to a close as the defense makes its closing arguments.

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Debate Over U.S. Policy Toward Egypt

Regional powers are taking sides in the conflict between Egypt's interim military government and ousted Muslim Brotherhood leaders. We explore the debate over U.S. leverage and its potential role in the conflict.

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New Interpretation Of Aiding The Enemy Charge Emerges In Manning Trial

With closing arguments set to begin Thursday in the trial of Army Private Bradley Manning, the judge has adopted a broad view of what constitutes aiding the enemy.

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Bradley Manning Verdict

The judge presiding over the court-martial of Pfc. Bradley Manning is expected to hand down a decision today. We get the latest from the courtroom and analysis of the decision.

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Judge In Wikileaks Case Rejects Motion To Dismiss Aiding The Enemy Charge

The most serious charge presented against Army Pfc. Bradley Manning of aiding the enemy will not be dismissed, opening the possibility that he may get life in prison if found guilty.