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CBS Puts Laura Logan On Leave After Review Of Flawed Benghazi Report

NPR has obtained the findings of a CBS internal investigation of an inaccurate 60 Minutes report by Laura Logan. The report claimed an eye witness source on the Benghazi embassy attack who turned out to be a fraud.

After Internal Review On Benghazi Report, CBS Puts Logan On Leave

60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan's October story on the deadly 2012 attack on a U.S. mission in Libya featured Dylan Davies, a security contractor who reportedly told a different version of events to 60 Minutes than he did to his employer and to the FBI.

2 Reporters Recall The Assassination That Shocked The World

The assassination of President John F. Kennedy changed American history. It was also a news event covered unlike any before it. Steve Inskeep talks to two reporters who witnessed the events in Dallas 50 years ago: Hugh Aynesworth, then with The Dallas Morning News, and Sid Davis, then the White House correspondent for Westinghouse Broadcasting Company.
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Thomas E. Patterson: "Informing The News: The Need For Knowledge-Based Journalism"

Americans have access to more news sources than ever, but that doesn't mean we are better informed. A Harvard media expert on how journalists could do a better job educating the public.


Tribune Media Company To Lay Off 700 Employees

The company owns seven daily newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. The company says the cuts will mostly affect the publishing side of the business — not editorial staff. The company says it's part of an ongoing effort to consolidate its business.

Talk About An Error! We Put 'Mr. Cub' On The White Sox!

NPR messed up Wednesday, saying that Ernie Banks had played for the Chicago White Sox. Boy, did we hear from listeners about that. Banks was known for saying, "Let's play two," but he only ever played for one major league team.

Robert Conley, First Host Of 'All Things Considered,' Dies

It was Conley, who on May 3, 1971, set the tone for NPR's flagship newsmagazine. As one of the show's current hosts Robert Siegel explains, Conley established that the program would be different.

Publishing Magazines For An 'Ambidextrous' Generation

The American Reader is a year old. The monthly literary journal is online and in print, but co-founder Uzoamaka Maduka says "it's all one magazine." The publication's staff has faith that readers want "deeper engagement" and strong editing, and they're hoping the free online content will entice their audience to pay for more.

ANALYSIS: Why Is '60 Minutes' So Tight-Lipped In Its Benghazi Apology?

TV's most storied newsmagazine still hasn't explained just how it made such big mistakes on a story about the terrorist attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, that it was later forced to retract. The reason for that might be found in a single word: Memogate.

Western Media In China: Living With The 'Anaconda'

Staffers at Bloomberg News accused editors of spiking an investigative story to avoid the wrath of the Communist Party. But experts say accusations of self-censorship go far beyond this one case. One American academic compares China's censorial authority to a "giant anaconda" — its mere presence enough to make people limit their behavior.