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NBC Makes It Easier For The Blind To Join In The Rio Games

The network is offering descriptive narration of the Olympics for blind TV consumers for the first time during the Rio Games. Jim Van Horne, one of the narrators, says it can be tough work.

George Curry, Legendary Political And Civil Rights Journalist, Dies At 69

Curry was the longtime editor of the magazine Emerge, a syndicated columnist and winner of numerous awards for his reporting and commentary. He died Saturday of sudden heart failure.

The Journalist Who Blew The Whistle On Russia's Alleged State-Run Doping Program

More than 100 Russian athletes were banned from the Rio Olympics. Rachel Martin speaks to German TV journalist Hajo Seppelt, who helped break the story of the program in Russia in a documentary.

Ryan Lochte To NBC's Matt Lauer On Rio Incident: 'I Was Immature'

The U.S. swimmer seemed contrite as he took "full responsibility" for an exaggerated version of the events. He apologized for tarnishing the accomplishments of Olympians with his "immature behavior."

On The Demise Of Unsparing, Satiric And Brutal

The Gawker Media site, which is to be shut down next week by its new owner, blurred the lines between public and private with "wit and venom."

How To Write A Resignation Letter In The Middle Of A Scandal

Is there a right way to write and handle a resignation letter when you're embroiled in a scandal? For many ousted bosses, "spending more time with my family" is the excuse of least resistance.

Viacom CEO Out As Redstone Family Reasserts Control

Renegade executive chairman, president and CEO Philippe Dauman leaves in exchange for a $72 million payout.
NPR Shutting Down As Univision Buys Associated Sites will shut down next week, as the company's other sites are in the process of being sold to Univision. Gawker Media filed for bankruptcy in June after a judge ordered it to pay $140 million in the Hulk Hogan privacy case.
NPR Shutting Down, Associated Sites Being Sold To Univision

The flagship site of Gawker Media is closing next week. The company went into bankruptcy protection after a suit by Hulk Hogan resulted in a $140 million judgment against the site.
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Debate Over Armchair Psychological Assessments Of Donald Trump

Many psychiatrists have offered armchair assessments of Donald Trump’s mental health. We discuss the history of diagnosing mental fitness for high office, when personality disorders can be strengths and the pitfalls of long distance psychological analysis.