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Hulk Hogan Awarded $115 Million In Sex Tape Lawsuit Against Gawker

A jury has decided the news and gossip site Gawker should pay $115 million and punitive damages to Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan. Gawker had posted excerpts of a video showing him having sex with a friend's wife.
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Jorge Ramos: "Take A Stand: Lessons From Rebels"

A conversation with Univision journalist Jorge Ramos about his new book, "Take A Stand: Lessons From Rebels."


The BuzzFeed Buzz Saw: Why Campaigns Should Fear These Four 20-Somethings

Even before he became "BuzzFeed Andrew," Andrew Kaczynski spent hours a day scouring archives for political research. Now the 26-year-old leads a team bringing controversies and scoops to the public.

Reporter And Editor Resign From Breitbart Site Over Alleged Assault At Trump Event

Last week, Brietbart News was promoting Michelle Fields' interviews on major TV networks. Last night, she resigned from the site, along with editor-at-large Ben Shapiro.

NPR Clarifies Cokie Roberts' Role After Anti-Trump Column

The veteran commentator co-authored a column calling on "the rational wing" of the Republican Party to prevent Donald Trump's nomination for president.

What Would It Mean To Have A 'Hapa' Bachelorette?

ABC is set to announce a new lead for The Bachelorette on Monday night. But would choosing Caila Quinn, who is Asian and white, be a sign of progress in casting diversity or something else?

'The Obama Doctrine': Examining White House Foreign Policy

Steve Inskeep talks to Jeffrey Goldberg, who dives deep into President Obama's eight years in a cover story for The Atlantic magazine.

Where Melissa Harris-Perry Saw A New Direction, MSNBC Saw Temporary Shift

NPR's David Folkenflik spoke with the recently departed talk show host and with the president of MSNBC. Harris-Perry said her show was "taken"; her boss said it was "loved."

MSNBC Fires Host Melissa Harris-Perry Over Controversial Memo

Melissa Harris-Perry, who recently parted ways with MSNBC, talks about her rift with the cable network.

'Most Interesting Man In The World' Raises His Glass For Last Time

He doesn't always shoot beer commercials ... at least, not anymore. After a final ad sending Jonathan Goldsmith on a one-way trip to Mars, Dos Equis will replace him with a new star, Ad Age reports.