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More Journalists Leaving 'Las Vegas Review-Journal' After Sale To Billionaire

Jennifer Robison, is the last of the three journalists who helped uncover the secret sale of the Las Vegas Review-Journal to casino magnate Sheldon Adelson to leave the newspaper.
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Janine di Giovanni: "The Morning They Came For Us: Dispatches From Syria"

The Middle East editor of Newsweek has been a war correspondent since the 1980s. She says reporting on the war in Syria is unlike any other conflict she’s covered. The brutal reality of the daily lives of Syrians.


How The Media Failed In Covering Donald Trump

The media didn't create Trump, but that's no defense: They missed his rise and enabled him too.

Video By 2 Female Sports Reporters Calls Attention To Hateful Online Posts

ESPN host and reporter Sarah Spain comments on her viral video #MoreThanMean, in which male sports fans read hateful social media comments made to her and sports reporter Julie DiCaro, to their faces.
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How Journalists Prepare For Conflict Both Abroad And Closer To Home

Reporters preparing to head into conflict zones or even those covering political rallies have to learn how to handle themselves in a hostile environment. Armando Trull shows us how they go about training.

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The Freedom And Safety Of Reporters Around The World

Since 2005 nearly 800 reporters have been killed while doing their work. Please join us to talk about the risks reporters face around the world and new effort to boost press safety and freedoms.


British 'Vogue' Celebrates Centennial; 100-Year-Old Model Graces Its Pages

Bo Gilbert is the oldest model to appear on the pages of British Vogue. Gilbert says she's always liked to wear nice things. She is part of a Harvey Nichols campaign.

'The Guardian' Launches New Series Examining Online Abuse

A video was released this week where female sports journalists were read abusive online comments to their face. It's an issue that reaches far beyond that group, and The Guardian is taking it on in a series called "The Web We Want." NPR's Audie Cornish speaks with series editor Becky Gardiner and writer Nesrine Malik, who receives a lot of online abuse.

In Bangladesh, Editor OF LGBT Magazine Is Hacked To Death

The founder of a LGBT magazine was killed on Monday. His death is the latest in a string of murders of bloggers and activists in the country. Steve Inskeep talks to journalist Saad Hammadi.