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For TV Advertisers, A Hunt For Live Audiences

Advertising deals for the upcoming television season are now being negotiated. Jeanine Poggi, TV reporter for Ad Age, says that in an era of time-shifted viewing, advertisers are in hot pursuit of the people who watch TV live.

Church Group Announces Boycott Of NPR Over 'Tell Me More' Cancellation

The National Black Church Initiative is calling for its members not to give money to NPR, telling the network it "has abandoned the African American community, and we must turn a deaf ear to you."

#YesAllWomen Puts Spotlight On Misogyny

As details emerge about a Santa Barbara college student who killed six people, Americans are raising questions on social media about misogyny, sex and entitlement. The Beauty Shop ladies weigh in.

Months Of Tumult Leave Philly's Biggest Papers On The Auction Block

Philadelphia's largest daily newspapers have been sold for $88 million. The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News are changing owners after months of conflict between the papers' previous co-owners.

'Financial Times' Picks Apart Picketty, Sparking An Argument

Is the story of rising inequality presented by Thomas Piketty's Capital in the 21st Century an exaggeration? A Financial Times editor said as much recently. Now, the argument has begun.

The 3 Questions To Ask In Any Classroom

What education reporters too often miss.
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WAMU Rewrites, Moves Don Beyer Volvo Underwriting Spots

The station has revised and moved underwriting spots from Don Beyer Volvo to eliminate the appearance of a conflict of interest while Beyer campaigns for a seat in Congress.

In Layoff Announcement, NPR Says It Will End 'Tell Me More'

National Public Radio has eliminated 28 positions and plans to end the program "Tell Me More." The moves come as the network continues its attempt to eliminate budget deficits.

NPR To End 'Tell Me More,' Eliminate 28 Positions

The moves come as part of the network's effort to eliminate budget deficits. Tell Me More host Michel Martin will remain with NPR.

In Jill Abramson's Firing, Was The 'Glass Cliff' To Blame?

Jill Abramson's firing as editor of The New York Times has prompted conversation about biases that affect women in positions of authority. Two prominent fields of research explore this question.