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Debates Will Showcase 'NBC Nightly News' Anchor Lester Holt

Lester Holt assumed the NBC evening anchor chair after his predecessor's career collapsed. Monday night, he'll moderate the first of three debates between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

'Fresh Air' Host Terry Gross Awarded National Humanities Medal

NPR's Robert Siegel talks with Fresh Air host and executive producer, Terry Gross. President Obama awarded her with the National Humanities Medal on Thursday. Gross has hosted Fresh Air since 1975 and was selected "for her artful probing of the human experience."

Yahoo Inc. Confirms Data From 'At Least 500 Million' Users Was Stolen

The company says its investigation suggests the stolen data doesn't include payment and bank account information.

'New York Times' Editor: 'We Owed It To Our Readers' To Call Trump Claims Lies

Executive Editor Dean Baquet says "it would almost be illiterate" to call Donald Trump's longstanding claim that President Obama was born outside the U.S. anything but a lie.

Anti-Defamation League Steps Up Efforts To Combat Anti-Semitism Online

The Anti-Defamation League is hiring a Silicon Valley representative to lead efforts to combat anti-Semitism and other hate speech online, says CEO Jonathan Greenblatt.

Editor Calls Out Facebook For Decision To Block Iconic Vietnam War Photo

David Greene talks to Espin Egil Hansen, a newspaper editor in Norway, who says Facebook needs to admit it is a powerful editor, and has to take more responsibility for its editorial decisions.

Trump Calls NBC News Anchor And Fellow GOP'er Lester Holt A Democrat

In a TV interview, Trump accused all of the scheduled presidential debate moderators of being Democrats. But NBC's Lester Holt is a registered Republican.
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Why Maureen Dowd Calls 2016 "The Year Of Voting Dangerously"

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd has been writing about politics for more than 30 years. Her insights on presidents past and why she thinks the 2016 presidential race is the nastiest in modern history.


Paper Calls For Snowden's Prosecution After Using Information To Win Pulitzer

The editorial page of The Washington Post calls for Edward Snowden to be prosecuted after he leaked NSA secrets — a leak the paper benefited from. Snowden lives in Russia to avoid espionage charges.

Life After Iconic 1976 Photo: The American Flag's Role In Racial Protest

A Pulitzer Prize-winning photo taken during the busing desegregation protests captured a nation. The photographer and subject of "The Soiling of Old Glory" talk about its significance 40 years on.