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Which TV Shows Will Be Back Next Year?

It's that time of year when TV networks decide which shows to cancel and which to renew for the 2016-2017 season. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans gives an update on the new and canceled shows.

Assessing Social Media's Growing Clout In The News Landscape

NPR Media Correspondent David Folkenflik, Wired's Issie Lapowsky and Ethan Zuckerman of MIT discuss allegations of bias against Facebook and social media's role in the news business.

'The Hollywood Reporter' Woody Allen Story Provokes Backlash For Avoiding Sexual Abuse Allegations

The Hollywood Reporter's affectionate cover interview with Woody Allen sidestepped accusations he abused his daughter more than 20 years ago, and stirred a backlash as a result.

Is The Latest Attention Being Paid To Trump Taking Scrutiny Away From Clinton?

Scott Simon asks Los Angeles Times columnist Doyle McManus whether Trump's campaign will be damaged by an old audio recording and if new allegations about the Clinton Foundation will hurt Clinton.

Trump Denies Posing As His Own Spokesman, Rebuts Audio Recording

The apparent GOP presidential nominee denies he called reporters purporting to be a publicist for himself. The Washington Post has published a recording of one such call about Trump's romantic life.

'New York Times Magazine' Profile Stirs Controversy Over Iran Nuclear Deal

A profile of Ben Rhodes, one of President Obama's chief national security aides, reports Rhodes and the administration used spin and manipulation to sell the Iran Nuclear Deal to the public.

Amid Allegations Of Bias, Facebook Explains How 'Trending Topics' Works

The release of the internal document represents Facebook's continued pushback against claims that the social media network discriminated against conservative news sources.

'Washington Post' Columnist Literally Eats His Words In Trump Columns

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank ate his prior columns in a nine course meal on Thursday. The columns noted that Donald Trump would never become the GOP presidential nominee.
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Concerns About How Facebook And Other Social Media Giants Highlight News Online

Facebook denies there's political bias in its lists of top trending news stories. But the allegations raise concerns about the power of Facebook, Twitter and other social media companies to influence political discourse. New trends in how news is curated and calls for greater transparency.


Susan Mulcahy On 'Confessions Of A Trump Tabloid Scribe'

No page of any newspaper captures the celebrity gossip of New York like Page Six of the Post. Former editor Susan Mulcahy talks to David Greene about how she helped to make the myth of Donald Trump.