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Justice's Rules Mean Reporter Need Not Testify, Lawyer Says

Prosecutors want New York Times reporter James Risen to testify about whether he got information from a CIA agent. The Justice Department recently tightened its policy on when it will try to compel journalists to divulge such information. Risen's lawyer says that policy should apply to his client.
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This Week On Metro Connection: Down The Hatch

From mussels to moussaka, we'll focus on food and drink as we bring you our annual show about the D.C. region's culinary culture.


'American Journalism Review' To Quit Printing; Go Online-Only

The "print" media's seemingly numbered days continue to count down. Now one of the nation's leading journalism reviews has decided to only publish online.
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The "Fixers" Behind International Journalism

Kojo chats with American journalists who reported from the front lines in Iraq and from the rubble in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake -- and with the fixers who helped them do their jobs.


Rolling Stone's Tsarnaev Cover: What's Stirring Such Passion?

The magazine hasn't hit newsstands, but some say it glorifies alleged Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Rolling Stone's editor stands by the use of the photo to help tell the story of "an incredibly normal kid" who turned into "a monster."

Asiana Decides Not To Sue San Francisco TV Station

The Bay Area station KTVU offered an apology for airing the bogus names of the crew piloting the 777 that crash-landed in San Francisco. The apology satisfied the airline.

McCarthy's Vaccination Stance Complicates Job On 'The View'

The new co-host for TV chatfest The View is a vivacious and outspoken model, actor and activist for children, seemingly a perfect person to have at the table of the successful network talk show. But Jenny McCarthy is also one of the nation's leading skeptics about the safety of childhood vaccines.

Did Social Media Help Ease Tensions After Zimmerman Verdict?

Protests of the George Zimmerman verdict remained largely peaceful this weekend, as social media continued to be the place to vent, bicker and debate over the killing of Trayvon Martin and its aftermath.

Asiana Will Sue TV Station Over Bogus Flight Crew Names

KTVU-TV aired offensive names that it says were confirmed by a summer intern working for the National Transportation Safety Board.

A Trial Made For Primetime

The trial of George Zimmerman has not only made news, it has also made for must-see daytime TV These days, cameras inside the courtroom routinely make stars out judges, lawyers and witnesses, But is that a good thing? Host Jacki Lyden talks to the lead prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson trial, Marcia Clark, about how the spotlight affects a courtroom.