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Hillary Clinton's Emails

Hillary Clinton is under pressure after a State Department report criticized her use of a private email server: what's in the report, potential security risks and whether it could affect Secretary Clinton's bid for the White House.


Manipulative Editing Reflects Poorly On Katie Couric, Gun Documentary

In the film, Couric asks gun owners a question and is met with dumbstruck silence. That's not what happened in the interview. Instead, NPR's David Folkenflik says, it was a foolish directorial choice.

Tech Billionare Peter Thiel Comes Forward In War Against 'Gawker'

Billionaire Silicon Valley investor Peter Thiel revealed he was a backer of Hulk Hogan's successful invasion of privacy lawsuit against Gawker.

Reports Peg Tech Billionaire As Funder Of Hulk Hogan's Case Against Gawker

The New York Times says entrepreneur Peter Thiel confirms he has been bankrolling the ex-wrestler's lawsuit. Gawker is appealing a jury award to Hogan of $140 million over publication of a sex tape.

Viacom CEO Files Lawsuit In Corporate War With Sumner Redstone

A corporate soap opera involving the CEO of Viacom and the company's single largest shareholder intensified Monday and appears headed to a courtroom.

Fresh Air Remembers '60 Minutes' Correspondent Morley Safer

In his 1990 interview with Terry Gross, Safer discussed his groundbreaking coverage of the war in Vietnam. He died Thursday at 84.

CBS News Icon Morley Safer Dies At 84

CBS TV journalist Morley Safer died on Thursday after retiring earlier this month from the network. For a look back on Safer's career, Renee Montagne talks to 60 Minutes Executive Producer Jeff Fager.

Longtime '60 Minutes' Correspondent Morley Safer Dies At 84

Longtime CBS News correspondent Morley Safer has died at age 84, just days after his official retirement from the flagship program, 60 Minutes.

Morley Safer, Longtime '60 Minutes' Correspondent, Dies

Safer had just announced his retirement from the newsmagazine last week after a 46-year run in which he covered the world. He was 84.

CHARTS: Sanders Has Spent The Most On Ads, But Trump Has Spent Best

Sanders has outspent the other candidates on TV ads. But Trump has spent best, in the sense that he has barely had to spend to win voters over.