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Irked By Broadcast Coverage, Gymnastics Sites Aim To Raise The Bar

As the Olympic trials loom in women's gymnastics, an informal group of blogs and podcasts called the "gymternet" has been shaking up how the sport is covered — focusing on athleticism, not sparkles.

Credibility Concerns Overshadow Release Of Gay Talese's New Book

NPR's Kelly McEvers speaks with Paul Farhi of the Washington Post about Gay Talese's new book, The Voyeur's Hotel. The credibility of the book, which follows a self-proclaimed sex researcher who bought a hotel to spy on his guests through ventilator windows, has been called into question after Farhi uncovered problems with Talese's story.

Adnan Syed, Subject Of 'Serial' Podcast, Will Get A New Trial, Judge Rules

A Baltimore judge granted a new trial to Adnan Sayd, the Baltimore man convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend while in high school in 1999. Sayd's case stood at the heart of the hit podcast Serial.

Nancy Grace To Leave HLN When Her Contract Expires This Fall

Nancy Grace, the fiery advocate for victims of violent crime, is leaving the HLN network after a dozen years. She says she will reemerge on TV and digitally too.

Mislabeled As A Memoirist, Author Asks: Whose Work Gets To Be Journalism?

Suki Kim wrote Without You, There Is No Us after working undercover as a teacher in North Korea. She says the response to her book is also a response to her identity as Korean and a woman.

Editorial Policy Change Keeps South African Broadcaster From Airing Protests

South African journalists are in an uproar over a directive at the public broadcaster that bans coverage of protests. They accuse the government of effectively censoring them ahead of local elections.

Facebook Brings New Changes To Its Newsfeed

Facebook announced on Wednesday it will de-emphasize content posted by publishers in users' newsfeeds, shifting the emphasis to material posted by friends. Though publishers are accustomed to the company making tweaks to newsfeeds, this change has the potential to affect traffic for news organizations.

Facebook Shakes Up News Feed, But We Still Don't Know Exactly How It Works

It will now prioritize posts from friends and family — potentially bad news for media companies relying on Facebook for traffic. The company has been under pressure to defend its political neutrality.
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Jonathan Rauch On How American Politics Went Insane

Party insiders and backroom deals: One author on why we need to bring back old-time politics.


'Game Of Thrones' Finale Sunday Caps A Season Of Satisfaction

NPR TV Critic Eric Deggans says HBO's most popular series soared this year with plots that moved beyond George R.R. Martin's published books.