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NBC Suspends Brian Williams For 6 Months Without Pay

The evening news anchor had stepped down voluntarily after he said on air that a helicopter he was on had been hit by fire over Iraq. He later admitted he had "misremembered" the episode.

Jon Stewart Will Leave 'The Daily Show' This Year

Stewart let the news slip during a taping of his show today. Comedy Central said Stewart would remain at the helm of the influential satire show until "later this year."

Chelsea Manning To Be 'Guardian' Columnist

The former Army intelligence analyst, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified information, will write for the newspaper's U.S. website. She won't be paid.

Al-Jazeera English Journalists To Get Retrial In Egypt

The announcement of a retrial comes days after the journalists' colleague, Australian Peter Greste, was suddenly released and deported.

NBC's Brian Williams To Temporarily Step Away From Anchor Desk

The anchor, who apologized for misremembering that a helicopter he was traveling during the 2003 invasion of Iraq had been fired on, said he would return to hosting the Nightly News "in a few days."

Huffington Post Bets People Will Read Good News — And Share It, Too

Arianna Huffington says readers need more positive news coverage, so her site is launching an effort focused on good stories. Their shareability may make "What Works" a smart business move, too.

Missing Your 'Breaking Bad' Fix? 'Better Call Saul' Will Hit The Spot

This Sunday, AMC debuts Better Call Saul, the backstory behind Breaking Bad drug kingpin lawyer Saul Goodman. NPR TV critic Eric Deggans says the show's so good, TV lightning just might strike twice.

Is Bruce Jenner Fervor Good For Trans Community?

Robert Siegel speaks with freelance journalist Parker Molloy about the notion of celebrity spokespeople and what it means (or doesn't) for trans individuals.

Brian Williams Under Microscope After Recanting Helicopter Story

NBC Chief Anchor Brian Williams has been bombarded by criticism this week over his shifting accounts of a 2003 helicopter landing in the Iraqi desert.

NBC 'Gathering The Facts' About Brian Williams' Claims, Network's Chief Says

The Nightly News anchor apologized this week for claims he was on a helicopter that came under fire in Iraq in 2003. Doubts have also been raised about his reporting during Hurricane Katrina.