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Rupert Murdoch Poised To Step Down As CEO Of 21st Century Fox

His son James is expected to become head of the company, while Murdoch will stay on as chairman of the boards of both 21st Century Fox and News Corp.

Libertarian Magazine 'Reason' Target Of Federal Subpoena

Federal prosecutors want the magazine to turn over the identities of six users who posted threatening comments against the federal judge in the Silk Road case.

Pakistani Journalists Divided Over Whether Government Perks Cloud Their Autonomy

Pakistan's journalists have a proud history of standing up to power at great personal sacrifice. Yet most are also happy to accept massively discounted plots of prime real estate from the government.

Ex-Editor For 'New York Post' Dies. Wrote: Headless Body In Topless Bar

Morning Edition remembers the author of one of the most memorable headlines from The New York Post: Headless Body In Topless Bar. Retired editor Vincent Musetto died on Tuesday at age 74

How Apple Hopes To Take A Bite Out Of The News Business

With its new News app, Apple is doing something that has already been done. But it has an undeniably large built-in consumer base: hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users.

'Headless Body In Topless Bar' Headline Writer Dies

Vincent Musetto, who wrote what some consider one of the best headlines of all time, died Tuesday at the age of 74.

'Guardian' Database Highlights Underreporting Of People Killed By Police

NPR's Audie Cornish talks with The Guardian's Jon Swaine about reporting on fatal police killings in the U.S. that have happened so far in 2015.

#NPRReads: Two Views Of Kids And Parents, And Clinton's 'Mook Mafia'

Our list of the best reads highlights a gripping story of parents' grief, a take on Stephen Curry's bringing his daughter to a news conference, and more.

In A First For Online Media, Gawker Writers Join Union

One of the site's writers says organizing the workers is a sign the digital media are growing up. The CEO says he's pleased with vote.

Longtime NPR Producer Jim Lesher Dies At 46

Longtime NPR producer Jim Lesher died Wednesday. NPR's Audie Cornish and Melissa Block take a moment to remember the integral member of NPR and his many contributions.