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Al-Jazeera Will Shut Down Its American Network In April

Al-Jazeera America has been plagued by problems from its inception. The network never quite connected with American audiences, and internal tensions spilled onto the press.

Rupert Murdoch And Jerry Hall Say They're Getting Married

Murdoch, the billionaire executive chairman of News Corp., and Hall, the model and former partner of Mick Jagger, have reportedly been dating since late summer.

State Of The Union Is Not Expected To Generate Big TV Ratings

President Obama hopes to use the speech to frame his last year in office and the 2016 campaign. The political spotlight, however, is increasingly shifting to the people running to replace him.

Sean Penn Faces Backlash Over 'Rolling Stone' Story On 'El Chapo'

The actor Sean Penn is facing criticism over his interview with the drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman for Rolling Stone. But some of the criticism may be misdirected.
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Carly Simon: "Boys In The Trees"

A conversation with singer-songwriter Carly Simon about her memoir, "Boys In The Trees."


Interview With 'El Chapo' Draws Backlash From Mexican Journalists

Alfredo Corchado, a former Mexico bureau chief for the Dallas Morning News, called Sean Penn's Rolling Stone piece on Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán "an epic insult" to Mexican journalists. Here's why.

'El Chapo' Talked With Sean Penn, In Clandestine Jungle Interview

In a piece published Saturday night by Rolling Stone, the actor revealed he sat with Joaquin Guzmán for an interview in October, when the drug kingpin was still being hunted by Mexican authorities.

Those Men In Oregon: Troublemakers, Terrorists Or Something Else?

Fans and foes want the news media to label the armed individuals who are occupying part of a national wildlife refuge. NPR is trying to describe, rather than characterize. Here's our thinking.

In A Sea Of Homicide Stats, A Familiar Name — And A Heartbreaking Story

Baltimore journalist Adam Marton was looking at homicide data when he saw the name of the man he says stole his car, and remembered the scene: a subwoofer, a baby seat, a pile of job applications.


A 'Heartbreaking' Story: How An Editor And A Crime Victim Crossed Paths

When Adam Marton, an editor for The Baltimore Sun, was making an infographic of the city's 2015 homicides, he realized he knew one of the victims. He tells Renee Montagne about the connection.