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Journalist-Registration Bill Is Modeled On Gun Law, S.C. Lawmaker Says

Criminal background checks and assurances that a person "is competent to be a journalist" are among the requirements put forth by State Rep. Mike Pitts in South Carolina's Legislature.

European Pirate Radio Network Broadcasts Alternative To Syria's State Media

A non-profit organization in Berlin has invented a small portable transmitter that can download satellite signals and rebroadcast them on FM for Syrians to listen to on their car or household radios.

Area Satirical Publication The Onion Sold To Univision (Seriously)

The Spanish-language network gets a 40 percent, controlling stake in The Onion and related sites, including The A.V. Club and Clickhole. The move comes as Univision tries to reach more millennials.

Allegations Of Rigged Matches Rock Tennis World

High-ranking tennis players have been paid to lose, a BuzzFeed-BBC investigation finds. Renee Montagne talks to Paul Scotney of Sports Integrity Services. He authored an initial report in 2008.

Actor Idris Elba To U.K. Politicians: More Diverse Roles Needed

"When you don't reflect the real world, too much talent gets trashed," the Golden Globe winner says. Elba is scheduled to speak to senior TV executives and more than 100 members of Parliament.
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Wendell Pierce On Acting, New Orleans, And His Memoir, "The Wind in the Reeds" (Rebroadcast)

Best known as "Bunk" from the TV series "The Wire," Wendell Pierce is now working to rebuild his old neighborhood, Pontchartrain Park, one of New Orleans' first middle-class African American communities.


'Washington Post' Reporter Held Captive In Iran Is Freed

After more than 500 days in prison, Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian was freed, along with 4 others. Renee Montagne talks to Washington Post editor Marty Baron, who is in Germany with Rezaian.

Wikipedia At 15: The Struggle To Attract Non-Techy Geeks

Co-founder Jimmy Wales speaks about Wikipedia's push to diversify the community, its "depressing" progress in growing female membership and advice for news sites' dreadful comments section.

The Vegas Columnist And The Newspaper Owner Who Once Sued Him For Libel

Sheldon Adelson has filed three libel suits against journalists. One, a columnist at the Las Vegas Journal-Review, which Adelson bought last year, went broke facing the billionaire GOP donor in court.

Al-Jazeera Will Shut Down Its American Network In April

Al-Jazeera America has been plagued by problems from its inception. The network never quite connected with American audiences, and internal tensions spilled onto the press.