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Gotcha! Can't Politicians Handle Tough Questions?

Most politicians can agree on at least one thing: "Gotcha" questions have got to go. But "gotcha" journalism isn't new — the idea and the accusation gained traction during the '90s.

Maybe Journalists Don't Belong At Presidential Debates

With presidential candidates making demands of broadcasters for debates, and journalists admonishing candidates to raise their hands, NPR's Scott Simon asks if citizens should be posing the questions.
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New Research On Teens, Toddlers and Mobile Devices

One new study says teens spend nine hours a day using media. Another survey finds a surprising number of toddlers have their own iPad or smartphone. Diane and a panel of experts discuss the latest research on screen time and kids.


'Boston Globe' Owner Launches 'Stat News' Site Covering Life Sciences

The billionaire owner of the Boston Globe, John Henry, launched Stat Wednesday, a separate digital newsroom devoted to covering life sciences.

Robinson's 'Boston Globe' Reporting Figures Into 2 Movies

Two major movies present dueling visions about the promise and perils of investigative reporting. Walter Robinson's reporting for the "Boston Globe" stands center stage in the film Spotlight.

Jon Stewart Signs New 4-Year Deal With HBO

"Appearing on television 22 minutes a night clearly broke me," Stewart says. "I'm pretty sure I can produce a few minutes of content every now and again."

Amazon Opens A (Real) Bookstore In Seattle

The news release touting Amazon Books' opening day includes a detail that's unusual for the online retailer: where customers can park.

Rival GOP Campaigns Launch Power Plays In Debate Negotiations

Jeb Bush is resetting his campaign, and the GOP candidates agree that the party isn't in charge when it comes to debate negotiations. NPR explores what it all means for the 2016 race.

Republican Campaigns Plan To Take Greater Control Over Debate Formats

After a debate GOP campaigns saw as disastrous, the Republican National Committee named a new head of the debate process. But the campaigns agreed Sunday night to negotiate directly with broadcasters.

ESPN's Shuttering Of Sports And Culture Site Grantland Prompts Backlash

On Friday ESPN released a statement announcing it would be suspending the publication of Grantland "effective immediately," saying it wanted to "direct [its] time and energy" elsewhere.