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'World's Cheapest Smartphone' Goes On Sale For $4 In India

Reviewers who've looked at the phone say it doesn't offer anything special, except for a price that's far below anything else on the market. It's also the subject of much speculation.

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Beyond The Oscars: A Look At Racial Diversity In Hollywood

The lack of diversity among Oscar nominees has ignited a conversation about race in Hollywood. A look at the push to include a wider variety of voices, and why some argue more diverse films will benefit the industry’s bottom line.


'New Yorker' Examines TMZ's Reporting Strategy

Celebrity news website TMZ operates a lot like an intelligence agency, according to a piece in The New Yorker. Mary Louise Kelly talks to Nicholas Schmidle about TMZ's reporting tactics.

Overholt Is First Female Editor To Head Major U.S. Sports Magazine

Mary Louise Kelly talks to Alison Overholt, the editor-in-chief of espnW and now the new editor-in-chief of ESPN The Magazine, on becoming the first woman to edit a major U.S. sports magazine.

Spectacle Of Spin: The Post-Debate Room Where The Truth Gets Dizzy

In the spin room, reporters clamor for quotes and candidates weave their positive narratives. It's a quite a sight, sure — but in the age of social media, has it become irrelevant?

Is John Oliver's Show Journalism? He Says The Answer Is Simple: 'No'

"Everything we do is in pursuit of comedy," Oliver says. But to get the comedy right, you have to get facts right: "You can't be wrong about something, otherwise that joke just disintegrates."

Former 'Time' Magazine Journalist Says She Was Targeted By Iranian Spies

Mary Louise Kelly talks to Iranian-American writer Azadeh Moaveni about how Iran's intelligence establishment tries to intimidate journalists, and what happened to her in a London cafe.

Political Reporters Wrestle With How To Depict What's Driving Voters

The idea that voter anger is fueling the fortunes of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders has consumed much coverage. Political reporters in New Hampshire grapple with how best to reflect voter sentiment.

Matt LeBlanc Is Joining The BBC's 'Top Gear' Car Show

"Hey everyone, I'm really honored and looking forward to working on Top Gear," the former Friends star said Thursday. He has been a guest on the show several times.

Cable TV News Named As Most Helpful Source This Election

A new survey from Pew Research Center finds a high level of engagement in election news. In addition to cable TV, social media and radio are still important sources for many. Print media, not so much.