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'Race Card Project' Is Among Peabody Award Winners

NPR's Michele Norris asked people to share thoughts about race and identity in six words. Her series of reports on Morning Edition offered insights on "pride, prejudice and identity," judges say.

Conservative Media Watchdog: Univision, Telemundo Favor Liberals

The Media Research Center says its survey shows that news stories on the nation's Spanish-language television networks are dominated by partisans on the left — and conservatives should be concerned.

After Blocking Twitter, Turkey Moves To Stop YouTube

Angered by leaks to social media, the Turkish government tries to block access to the video-sharing site just days after attempting to shut down Turkish tweets.

Backlash To Facebook Buying Virtual Reality Firm Comes Swiftly

Facebook's purchase of Oculus VR is only a day old, but the founders are already defending themselves against threats of abandonment by game developers.
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Errors, Corrections And Accuracy In The Media

An erroneous tweet can be broadcast to thousands of followers in an instant, and it’s not always as simple as posting a correction. We look at what news outlets are doing to acknowledge their errors on the Web, and discuss the state of media accuracy online.


Resignation Revives Doubts About Bloomberg China Coverage

Bloomberg News finds itself under unwelcome scrutiny, as its parent company's chairman suggests that reporting on the corruption of China ruling elites isn't part of its core mission.

In LA, Watching Home Team's Ball Games Just Got More Complicated

The Los Angeles Dodgers' games will no longer be broadcast for free on local television. Time Warner Cable has created a special Dodgers channel, but other TV providers are balking at the price.

In The Absence Of Answers, We Return Repeatedly To The Questions

The missing Malaysia Airlines jet seems to mirror fiction, and we can't look away. This only makes media want to cover it more, regardless of the information available.

Media Startups Short On Diversity

Startups are reimagining online news, but they're being criticized for their lack of diversity. Tell Me More hears voices from Columbia Journalism School, the Maynard Institute and CNET en Espanol.

Attractor Of Animosity Arthur Chu Leaves 'Jeopardy!' (For Now)

After an 11-win streak, Chu was finally defeated. Aside from his calculated strategy, Chu is noteworthy for getting such an intensely negative reaction from show fans. But he doesn't seem to mind it.